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LSMSLiving Standards Measurement Survey
LSMSLnp Service Management System
LSMSLouisiana State Medical Society
LSMSLocal Service Management System
LSMSLocally-Self-consistent Multiple-Scattering
LSMSLunar Surface Manipulator System (robotic crane; US NASA)
LSMSLithia Store Management System (Lithia Motors, Inc.)
LSMSLutheran Social Ministry of the Southwest (Tucson, AZ)
LSMSLine-Strip Multibeam System
LSMSLittle Sisters of Mother of Sorrows
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Therefore, future studies that will be making use of survey data (apart from the LSMS data) can consider including the empowerment indicators of Alkire et al.
Having done substantial legal and accounting due diligence and having worked successfully in partnership for a period of time, we are very confident that LSMS will be a valuable addition to Glyndwe r University's portfolio of activities.
Assessing the quality of Anthropometrics Data: Background and illustrated guidelines for survey managers" LSMS working paper 101.
The LSMS questionnaire contains general information on the households and on individuals, as well as migration details of the family members, which comprise their origin and destination municipality, the reasons for moving and the date of moving: migrants are those individuals who have moved from the district of birth to a different district in Albania during the previous 10 years.
Many of the claims in the cases are similar, said Amy Phillips, LSMS general counsel.
23] On the other hand, while we cannot create an hourly wage measure in the October Household Survey, we can create a monthly income measure using the same data source as Schultz and Mwabu, the LSMS.
The LSMS is a AIN software platform which connects to the regional number-portability administration centers (NPACs) to receive the routing and service-provider information associated with a number ported from one carrier to another.
1) This annex is based on analysis of the 1992 Ghana LSMS data and the 1996 LCMS survey of Zambia, and was prepared by Saji Thomas, Poverty Reduction and Social Development Group, Africa Region.
LSMS and * Part of the ongoing research will require other surveys should review of the LSMS in that appropriate routinely collect DEC includes support gender-disaggregated gender-disaggregated for when and how to data be collected data.
The Action of Human Resources and Poverty on One Another: What We Have Yet to Learn, LSMS Working Paper 74.
van der Gaag and Vijverberg (1989), estimates the returns to schooling for a sample of male and female wage-earners in Cote d'Ivoire using the 1985 LSMS (Living Standards Measurement Study) data.
A first-of-its-kind tool, UL'sPureSafety LSMS allows users to learn from their companies' incidents, observations and near-misses and then create targeted initiatives to control risks and prevent reoccurrences.