LSMULugansk State Medical University (Ukraine)
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"In our galaxy, no such slow X-ray pulsars are observed in hundred and fifty known globular clusters, because their cores are not big and dense enough to form close binary stars at sufficiently high rate," Ivan Zolotukhin of LSMU said in ( a statement.
Researcher(s) are asked by the Community Liaison Officers to put into writing (and in a poster) the nature of and reasons for the research and the possible benefits to communities (10) which are then forwarded by the LSMU to local councils and communities, along with a letter of support from the unit.
(10.) Thanks to Damian Miley, TSRA LSMU Manager (pers.
Atskleisti studentu poziuri i uzsienio kalbu mokymosi procesa, analizuojant vykdyta pedagogini eksperimenta LSMU.
Tyrime dalyvavo 6 LSMU studentu grupes, kurios mokosi uzsienio kalbos (3 eksperimentines ir 3 kontrolines).
Studentu poziuris i probleminio mokymosi elementu taikyma studijuojant uzsienio kalba LSMU
The object of the purchase is the acquisition of medical furniture in the framework of the project Establishment of a Children%s Rare Diseases Competence Center at LSMU Hospital in Kaunas Clinics.
Contract award notice: Purchase of an infusion set in the framework of the project "establishment of the center for the raising of children~s diseases in kaunas medical clinics at lsmu hospital"
Contract award notice: Purchase of infusion pump kit and bulk drug pump in the framework of the project "establishment of the center for the development of rare diseases center for children in kaunas medical clinic, Lsmu hospital"
Object of Purchase - Purchase of DNA / RNA / protein extraction system in the framework of the project "Establishment of the Center for the Raising of Children's Rare Diseases at Kaunas University Clinics at LSMU Hospital".
To achieve this long-term vision, the CoE will leverage the knowledge, experience and resources of three Lithuanian universities KTU, LSMU, and VU with the support of two advanced partners of the Baltic Sea region LUND in Sweden, and VTT in Finland in four strategic research and innovation topics: