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LSNLearning and Skills Network (UK)
LSNLandmine Survivors Network
LSNLASIK (Laser-Assisted In-Situ Keratomileusis) Surgery News
LSNLog Sequence Number
LSNLogical Session Number
LSNLimestone Networks, Inc. (Dallas, TX)
LSNLafayette Sports Network
LSNLife Site News (publication; various locations)
LSNLarge Scale Networking
LSNLarge Scale NAT (Network Address Translation)
LSNLaw Society of Namibia
LSNLeast Significant Nibble
LSNLaser Squad Nemesis (gaming)
LSNLegal Services Network (American Association of Retired Persons)
LSNLocal Stock Number
LSNLonghorn Sports Network (University of Texas)
LSNLogical Sector Numbers
LSNLiving Arrangements and Social Networks
LSNLIFELines Services Network (US Navy)
LSNLayered Silicate Nanocomposite
LSNLocal Service Node
LSNLifestyle Networks
LSNLocal Salty Nation
LSNLeverage Sourcing Network (EDS)
LSNLinear Smoothed Newton (predictive filter)
LSNLanguage Society of Namibia
LSNLymphedema Support Network (UK)
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The Welsh Government offered a funding package to help secure the investment for Wales, which will create six and safeguard a further six skilled jobs, retaining LSN Diffusion's core intellectual property in Wales.
However, public release of all LSN documents will depend on whether adequate funds are available to do so.
Working with local partners, LSN plans to offer leadership and management courses for education leaders and training programmes to help teachers and trainers improve their skills.
Leveraging that tradition, LSN is now a licensed partner of the World Triathlon Organization.
8 million more documents will be placed on the LSN at the time of certification.
Stephen Gardner, director of apprenticeships at the Learning and Skills Council, which funds the LSN, welcomed the study.
LSN is located at the New York City and Pleasantville campuses.
Eventually, the folks at LSN said to us, 'Well, if you're feeling so positive about DCEO, OSHA would like to come in now
Non-isolated LSN D5 Series dc/dc converters accept 5 V inputs (4.
For example, the LSN D12 Series 10A single-in-line DC/DC's from DATEL Inc are up to 96% efficient, and they need no input/output capacitors to meet their specified noise levels.
Initially, the joint venture will focus activities on LSN (Leveraged Sourcing Network) in the electronic supply sector (e-procurement), which is currently worth some Euro 25 billion in the United States, according to BSCH.