LSNRLeague of Struggle for Negro Rights (1930-1935 US organization)
LSNRLuminance Signal-to-Noise Ratio (various fields)
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Difference graph HOC IHOC AGV LSNR AGV LSNR AGV LSNR 90 3.45 118 7.19 235 13.05 Table 7: Simulation result of each sequence.
The financial woes were symbolicof LSNR'S failure as a mass organization and explained theParty's decision to create a new mass organization that wouldinclude non-party elements.
A letter from a member of theBrooklyn chapter of the LSNR complained that he used too many big words."Since our purpose is to educate workers to the classstruggle," the member wrote, "we must be careful to usewords every worker can understand." He pointed out that wordslike "indiscriminate," "designation" and"contention" went over the average workers head.
The Communist press hailed the decision as a victory for theworking class and vindication of the ILD and LSNR tactic of massstruggle through nationwide protests.
Miller continued his work with the LSNR and the NegroLiberator.
(72) His wife organized lectures for Langston Hughes, the revolutionarypoet, on "Youth at the Crossroad." (73) Miller receivedreports on LSNR activities in Los Angeles, including an update onLangston Hughes's performances.
See also:"LSNR Representative Urges Enactment of Worker'sBill," Negro Liberator February 15, 1935 pp.2.
On the failure ofthe LSNR see also: Hall, Editor, A Black Communist In The FreedomStruggle pp.211.
(29) LMP, Box 2, F3 Letter from Brooklyn chapter of LSNR toMiller dated April 30, 1935.
Box 3, F7, Letter from Miller to Wife dated June1935; for his column see the Negro Liberator June 15, 1935 PP.5: For the criticism of the LSNR and the push for theNNC see: A.W.