LSNSLinear Sebaceous Nevus Syndrome
LSNSLeft Sciatic Nerve Stimulation
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For now, Mazurek should be replaced in the parliament by 44-year-old Milan A panik, a LSNS regional head in Trencin.
LSNS-6 is the short version of the instrument The Lubben Social Network Scale (LSNS), developed in the late 1980s by Lubben (1988) specifically for the group of elderly adults.
The result shows that all the GSNs and LSNs enter the retroperitoneal space between the medial and middle crus of diaphragm, among which the GSN is close to the medial crus of diaphragm and the LSN the middle crus of diaphragm.
In order to solve the mentioned issues, we propose a novel routing protocol called H2-DARP-PM for long range underwater pipeline monitoring LSNs. The H2-DARP-PM protocol remains helpful to deploy thin LSN model, use heterogeneous types of sensors, assign dynamic addresses, increase packet delivery ratio, and minimize the delay.
The LSNS consists of 10 items that measure the size of one's social network.
However, the special way LSNs are designed results in a major challenge of losing connectivity in the network in the presence of multiple node faults [7].
This was associated with caregiver's total CIRS scores, and scores for the anxiety subscale of the Hospital Anxiety and Depression Scale, and the LSNS which accounted for 29% of the variance.
In that shorter, original version of the LSNS, with a maximum possible score of 50, individuals with scores below 20 were considered to be at risk of social isolation (Lubben, 1988).
Participants were 37% LSNs, 19% RN school nurses, 10% district nurses, 22% health aides or LPNs, and 12% unknown or other, including a few secretaries and health teachers.
Recovery algorithms for distributed client-server systems face complications, e.g., how to properly assign LSNs and page-LSNs [Franklin et al.
CiA3/4nar submitted the proposal to dissolve People's Party Our Slovakia (LSNS) in May 2017.
(b) In school health offices, licensed school nurses (LSNs), licensed practical nurses (LPNs), and health service assistants received coaching and reinforcement by asthma resource nurses who visited 1-2 times/month.