LSOCLegal Segregation with Operational Commingling (US Commodity Futures Trading Commission)
LSOCLocal Station Ownership Coalition
LSOCLogistical Support Operations Center
LSOCLandWarNet Support Operations Center
LSOCLebanon Symphony Orchestra and Chorus (est. 1998)
LSOCLaboratory of Synthetic Organic Chemistry (Ruder Boškovic Institute; Croatia)
LSOCLife Skills of Orange County
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(11) LSOC is significant as it precludes the option of a CCP to utilize the initial margin assets of nondefaulting cleared swaps customers of a failed FCM to offset the financial loss of one or more defaulting cleared swaps customers of that FCM.
Under the LSOC framework, an FCM that clears swaps for customers is required to transmit account-level margin and position information to the CCP on a daily basis (U.S.
British financial services provider Barclays on Wednesday announced that it has launched an enhanced Legal Segregation with Operational Commingling Express (LSOC with Excess) model at CME Clearing.
The enhanced LSOC with Excess is designed to allow excess collateral value to cover variation margin requirements for cleared OTC derivatives.
LSOC grants the ESCs coordinating authority on and off their respective installations.
While LSOC addresses the "art side" (sustainment coaching, teaching, and mentoring) of sustainment, the SOC addresses the "science side" (materiel management and asset or personnel cross-leveling).
A LSOC would be a "one-stop-shop" for individual and collective training, digital equipment maintenance and configuration management.
This could be a task accomplished by an LSOC that would parse out satellite bandwidth on a regional basis.
Called "LSOC" in logistics circles, the intent of the MOA is "to build upon the already strong relationships between the Expeditionary Sustainment Commands (ESC), the Sustainment Brigades (SB), the Army Sustainment Command (ASC), and the Army Field Support Brigades (AFSB), all in support of the senior commander and his/her Army force generation (ARFORGEN) mission."