LSP1Leukocyte-Specific Protein 1
LSP1Larval Serum Protein 1 (genetics)
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Breast cancer risk Genes References Rare high-risk genes BRC A1 [1] (x 10-20 lifetime risk) BRC A2 [2] TP53 [4] Rare moderate-risk genes ATM [6] (x 2-4 lifetime risk) BRIP1 [8] CHEK2 [7] PALB2 [9,10] Common low-risk genes FGFR2 [15,18] (x <2 lifetime risk) MAP3K1 [15] TNCR9 [15] LSP1 [15] CASP8* [12] Variants in genes [15,19-21] at chromosomes 6q22.
The LSP1 laser beam emitter can be built into the telescope of the NET1 model.
Ogawa said, "The addition of the LSP1 option to the NET1, featuring robust dust- and water-protection rate IP64 and 300m reflectorless range, will provide versatile solutions for diverse tunnel measurements such as directional control, excavation profile contouring and deformation monitoring.