LSPBLinear Segment with Parabolic Blend (robotics)
LSPBLocal Strategic Partnership Board (UK)
LSPBLarge-Scale Prototype Breeder (reactor)
LSPBLandelijk Steunpunt Pastorale Bedieningen (Dutch: Rural Centre for Pastoral Ministries)
LSPBLump Sum Procure and Build (construction contract type)
LSPBLeopard Skin Pill Box Hat
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McClary Moore, London's representative on the LSPB, and the chair of the City Suburban Annexation Committee, proposed the first boundary line.
[32] The townships grew increasingly suspicious of the LSPB for being pro-annexation, and both Westminster and London Townships threatened to withdraw in light of Moore's expressed plans for annexation.
The chair of the LSPB stated that the annexation gave the city commercial and industrial land, but the city did not consider strong residential development beyond the limits of the annexed area.
The county and townships agreed that annexation should build upon the existing LSPB. The board, established in 1951, had jurisdiction over and members from the City of London, and parts of Westminster, London, and West Nissouri Townships.
London Township went the furthest in its explanation of an expanded LSPB by creating a federated or metropolitan local government with substantial planning authority.
Its only proposals were for creation of new ward boundaries to accommodate the annexed areas and dissolution of the LSPB through creation of a citywide board.
The OMB ignored all discussion and ideas about restructuring the LSPB. Further, the board did not order any compensation to the county or townships for the loss in assessment, nor did the board order the matter to be placed on the ballot for the local electorate's consideration, although it was empowered to do all these things.