LSPGLinkPoint Secure Payment Gateway (Cardservice International, Inc.)
LSPGLaw and Special Policy Group (UK)
LSPGLife Support Power Generation System
LSPGLess-Severe Proliferation Group
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Any North American company that meets eligibility requirements may participate in the LSPG statistical program.
he swirl gas burner developed by the LCRI's LSPG project
The report from the LSPG shows that shipments of C[O.
Prof Phil Bowen, LSPG project lead and director of Cardiff University's School of Engineering, launched the event which included presentations by Jon Maddy from the hydrogen team at the University of South Wales, and Sally Hewlett from LCRI's Welsh Energy Sector Training team.
Prof Bowen said: "I was delighted to see so much interest shown by the Welsh private sector in the LSPG offering, and enjoyed the excellent industrial presentations and debate.
Industrial laser equipment and systems shipments within North America by the 38 companies reporting to the second quarter 2005 LSPG statistical program totaled approximately $115.
If a partner is also utilizing the LinkPoint Secure Payment Gateway (LSPG) for real-time authorization and processing, then Cardservice International can provide an added level of service by simultaneously approving and activating the merchant on the LSPG.
Industrial laser equipment and system shipments within North America by 49 companies reporting to the 2001 LSPG statistical report totaled $356 million, while exports amounted to $145.
Industrial laser equipment and systems shipments within North America by the 45 companies reporting to the LSPG statistical program totaled $71.