LSPILegal, Security and Privacy Issues
LSPILeast-Squares Policy Iteration (learning algorithm)
LSPILaw School Preparation Institute (University of Texas at El Paso; El Paso, TX)
LSPILarge Scale Programs Institute (Austin, TX)
LSPILake Superior Paper Industries (Minnesota)
LSPILocal Service Provider Identification
LSPILietuvos Statybu Projektavimo Institutas (Lithuaniain: Lithuanian Civil Engineering Design Institute)
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* Balance - LSPI mitigation, increased fuel economy and improved cleanliness
The Slator LSPI is the language service industry's first look at growth in 2018 and ranks organizations worldwide based on their revenues and market activities for 2017 and 2018, which represent a meaningful composite of leading organizations.
"With this transaction, the excellent facility and DRA offering Optum Energy has developed will benefit from LSPI's global infrastructure," said Nagesh Kommareddi, Optum Energy's chief operating officer.
This standard was developed in response to car manufacturers requests for motor oils that protect modern turbocharged engines from LSPI. It is Shells most advanced engine protection to date for modern turbocharged engines.
Since LSPI occurs mostly at low engine speeds and high loads, another solution would be to simply operate the engine at other speed and load points.
2) Policy evaluation: Compute the state-action value function [circ.Q.sub.[pi]l] (s, a) for the current policy [[pi].sub.l] (a|s) based on LSPI.
Since the process of LSPI takes some time to regulate the estimation error, to capture the time varying nature of the road condition parameter, reinitializing of [??] repeats at [f.sub.PI] = 1/[T.sub.PI] Hz, where roughly speaking, [T.sub.PI] is a settling time of LSPI estimation dynamic.
An obvious question was whether adding carbohydrates to the LSPI has the same effect as it does for the CSPI.
This analysis resulted in eight factors that represented Adlerian lifestyle, and the scale became the Life Style Personality Inventory (LSPI; Mullis, 1984).
This means that LEXR, LIIP, LSPI and LWPI series has a unit root problem and these series are non-stationary series.
Lubrizol worked closely with European OEMs to combine LSPI protection for gasoline engines with the latest mid SAPS requirements for diesel powertrains.
Howard's presentation will outline a range of unique challenges TGDI and GDI engines pose for fuels and lubricant formulation including - low speed pre-ignition (LSPI), aggressive wear of engine components, increased emissions due to injector deposits, faster oil oxidation, and higher levels of fuel dilution leading to loss of viscosity and oil degradation.