LSPLLeft Superior Parietal Lobule (brain)
LSPLLinux Service Provider Lab (computing)
LSPLLaser Surface Processing Laboratory (University of Lisbon; Portugal)
LSPLLake Systems Pvt. Ltd. (Bangalore, India)
LSPLLittle Silver Public Library (Little Silver, NJ)
LSPLLime Springs Public Library (Lime Springs, IA)
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We observed a trend toward decreased RT due to iTBS of the lSPL (see Table 2).
In the next step, we further explored neural underpinnings of the abovementioned behavioral changes (some enhancement of cognitive speed induced by iTBS applied over the lSPL) using rs-fMRI analyses.
The lSPL has been the major node of the DAN which is known to be engaged in externally directed conditions and to control processing of visual information while performing a visual cognitive task [3].
This exploratory study showed that single-session iTBS applied over the lSPL tended to enhance the speed of the Stroop task performance in the HYS group via increased connectivity of the DAN, brain areas that are known to be engaged in the task performance.
LSPL reapplied, but the SBA reaffirmed its position on September 23rd without comment.
Wrighton and School of Law Dean Joel Seligman, urging them to intervene on LSPL's behalf and thereby spare the University the embarrassment of a public fight.
As the campaign gathered steam, Dean Seligman had a change of heart and concluded that the LSPL should indeed be recognized, though he reiterated that he would not directly intervene to overrule the student government.
Interestingly, in the ROI analyses, the lSPL was significantly activated in hearing nonsigners, corroborating findings from previous studies suggesting the lSPL to have a central role in letter positioning [43, 44].