LSPMLive State Patch Manager
LSPMLevee Safety Program Manager (US Army)
LSPMLikely Sources of Potential Misstatement (accounting)
LSPMLand Surface Process Model
LSPMLarge Signal Polar Modulation
LSPMLista de Soluciones de Planeta Mac (Spanish: List of Metro Solutions Mac; electronic mailing list)
LSPMLego Scanning Probe Microscope (Purdue University; Lafayette, IN)
LSPMLight Source Power Meter
LSPMLife Sciences Project Manager
LSPMLubuska Szkola Pilkarstwa Mlodziezowego (Lubuska Pilkarstwa Junior School; Poland)
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The starting and synchronization of LSPM motors have been the subject of much research, besides the effects of selected parameters on their performance [9-21].
Although smaller chains can typically respond faster--if not better--to forces beyond their control, LSPM's Smith says there's something to be learned from "the bigger chains, who also have an opportunity to leverage the same good will at a local level.
The contract is for the supply of natural gas and its delivery to power the CNRS building in Meudon and LSPM Villetaneuse laboratory.
Contract notice: Realization of a layer deposition plasma device for laboratory science processes and materials (lspm) of the university paris 13.
Contract notice: Supply and delivery of natural gas to power the cnrs building in meudon and laboratory lspm in villetaneuse.
The contract is for the acquisition of a press hot isostatic pressing (HIP) will be established in laboratory science methods and materials (LSPM) in the project Caramel