LSPPLayered Security Protection Profile
LSPPLabeled Security Protection Profile
LSPPLocalized Surface Plasmon Polariton (physics)
LSPPLarge-Scale Parallel Processing (computer architecture)
LSPPLake Superior Provincial Park (Canada)
LSPPLocal Service Provider Portability
LSPPLarge Scale Printer Plotter
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The event was conducted under the auspices of Bank Indonesia ( ); OJK, the financial services authority of Indonesia (; BSMR Indonesia (; and LSPP Indonesia (
This program focused mainly on higher skilled workers, but set the stage for the LSPP introduced in 2002.
Furthermore, temporary migrants entering Canada through the LSPP are more vulnerable than resident workers to occupational health and safety risks (see Fudge 2011; Fudge and MacPhail 2011; Preibisch 2011).
Labour shortages have been a driving force for the significant increase in the use of LSPP in the last decade (Marsden 2011).
Under the lean subcontracting procurement process (LSPP), the construction operation is executed through the collaboration of four interrelated parties.
However, with the introduction of the LSPP, the sequence of the whole construction project must be arranged based on the construction method and visualized via a 3D simulation model.
Under the LSPP, after the Subcontracting Center selects the appropriate subcontractors, the subcontractors review and evaluate the construction operational flow and study the 3D simulation model of the main body construction procedure.
And so I am very pleased to see that Red Hat's Enterprise Linux has now been certified to the Common Criteria EAL4 and LSPP and that the evaluation was completed just a few months after the operating system's release.
"We have delivered LSPP (Labeled Security Protection Profile) functionality in Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5, and we have certified that at the EAL4 level of assurance."
Fiona Pattinson, Lab Manager for atsec U.S., notes: "atsec is proud to be the first lab to evaluate a Linux product with the SE-Linux security enhancement against the Controlled Access Protection Profile (CAPP), Role Based Access Control (RBAC) Protection Profile and Labeled Security Protection Profile (LSPP).
Conformance to the LSPP provides confidence to military, government and commercial customers that Trusted IRIX uses strict access controls to information and clearly identifies user roles against unsecured access or activity.
The requirements defined in the LSPP correspond to the TCSEC B1 security level.