LSPQLaboratoire de Santé Publique du Québec
LSPQLife-Support Preferences Questionnaire (end-of-life vignettes)
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At the LSPQ, a high heterogeneity was documented in C.
We thank the personnel of bacteriology sections of Centre Hospitalier de l'Universite de Montreal-Hopital Saint-Luc and of LSPQ for technical assistance.
Validacion del Cuestionario de Preferencias de Soporte Vital (LSPQ) para su uso en la poblacion espanola.
Validation of the Spanish Life Support Preference Questionnaire (LSPQ).
The LSPQ obtained isolates from bronchoalveolar lavages and, in collaboration with Canada's National Microbiology Laboratory, confirmed their identity by using the 16S sequencing method.
During 2003-2014, the LSPQ identified only 7 sporadic cases and no geographic clustering.
The Montreal Public Health Department and Laboratoire de Sante Publique du Quebec (LSPQ) were alerted.
at the genus and species levels (8) was confirmed at LSPQ as described (9), after which serologic identification by slide agglutination (Denka Seiken Co., Ltd, Coventry, UK) was performed.
Pneumococcal isolates from patients identified with invasive disease were forwarded to reference laboratories in the US Arctic (AIP) and northern Canada at the National Center for Streptococcus (NCS), Edmonton, Alberta, or Laboratoire de Sante Publique, Quebec (LSPQ), respectively.