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The SERS effect results from the very high enhancement of the otherwise extremely weak Raman (inelastic) emission of molecules adsorbed onto arrangements or colloids of metal nanoparticles supporting LSPRs. It has become a powerful spectroscopy technique for the ultrasensitive detection of a variety of organic molecules at low concentrations [23,64].
These are not propagating resonances but rather localized to the nanoparticle, hence their denomination, localized surface plasmon resonance (LSPR).
3 shows an example of such LSPR on a plasmonic nanosphere.
Meanwhile, we compared SNPs and SNCs to light absorption in OSCs, and we found that the SNCs can obtain more absorption enhancement because of the strong coupling effect of LSPRs.
More recently, we have developed gold nanoparticle/graphene oxide (AuNP-GO) nanocomposites for triggering LSPR in polymer solar cells [37].
These results reveal that the LSPR effects should be responsible for the improved device performance [18, 37].
The field enhancement of the silver nanoring pair originates mainly from the LSPR mode excited by the evanescent field.
Vernon, "A resonance tunable and durable LSPR nano-particle sensor: Al2O3 capped silver nano-disks," Progress In Electromagnetic Research, Vol.
Tip-surface is also utilized in tip-enhanced Raman spectroscopy (TERS) for the excitation of the LSPR as a scanning probe.
In this paper, the effect of sharp points on the LSPR spectrum for NPs such as nano-triangles and nano-diamonds are first investigated.
The values for the 4 nm Au NPs compare well to theoretical values and also demonstrate the blue-shift of the LSPR peak as particle size decreases when compared to the 13 nm Au NP spectra.
Hyperspectral imaging (HSI) was performed as a potential methodology for detecting NP binding state in a biological system in future studies since the LSPR of Au NPs can indicate the state of their immediate environment.