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LSRLabel Switching Router (MPLS)
LSRLocal Storm Report (US NOAA)
LSRLiquid Silicone Rubber
LSRLand Speed Record
LSRLocal Service Request
LSRLogical Shift Right
LSRLinux Screen Reader
LSRLinux Software Review
LSRLight Source Representation
LSRLatching Switch Relay
LSRLive State Recovery
LSRLink State Routing
LSRLocal Service Register
LSRLocal Shared Resource
LSRLabel Switch Router
LSRLast Sender Report
LSRLine Status Register (assembly programming)
LSRLand Speed Racing (also seen as Land Racing; website)
LSRLife Saving Rules (various companies)
LSRLocal Standard of Rest
LSRLocal, State and Regional (various organizations)
LSRLate-Successional Reserves (forestry)
LSRLandelijk Studenten Rechtsbureau (Dutch: National Student Law Office)
LSRLife Science Research
LSRLocal Sales Representative (various companies)
LSRLoan Status Report (real estate transaction)
LSRLaw & Society Review (Wiley-Blackwell publication)
LSRLeast-Squares Regression (statistics)
LSRLoose Source Routing
LSRLink State Request (Open Shortest Path First)
LSRLinux Screen Reader (open source project)
LSRLocal Shared Resources
LSRLaboratory of Sensorimotor Research
LSRLifeRing Secular Recovery (non-religious alcohol recovery group)
LSRLuftschutzraum (German: Air Raid Shelter)
LSRLeaf Setup Request
LSRLS Research, LLC (wireless modules and design services; Cedarburg, WI)
LSRLimited Service Restaurant (fast food or take out retaurants)
LSRLoose Snow on Runway
LSRLump Sum Retirement
LSRLarge Scale Reuse
LSRLife Safety Rope (firefighting equipment)
LSRLunar Surface Rendezvous
LSRLine Service Request
LSRLaunch Support Room
LSRLink State Record (Fibre Channel, FSPF)
LSRLight Sensitive Resistor
LSRLocal Sunrise
LSRLocally-Suboptimum Rank (detector)
LSRLoad Spreading Rivet
LSRLocal Service Registration
LSRLaboratory for Space Research
LSRLaunch Site Recovery
LSRLight Sensitive Relay
LSRLeadership Strength Readiness
LSRLandscape Suitability Ranking
LSRLibre Service Royal (RBC Royal Bank ATM)
LSRLarge Ship Reactor
LSRLinear Statistical Regression
LSRLaunch Signal Responder
LSRLeelanau Scenic Railroad
LSRLife-Stress Relationship
LSRLightguide Shelf Ribbon (AT&T)
LSRLynchburg Source Reactor
LSRLocal Skin Response
LSRLaser Spot Receiver
LSRLogistics Status Review
LSRLinear Seal Ring
LSRLoad Storage Register
LSRLevel Status Register
LSRLevel of System Robustness
LSRLunar Surface Return Carrier
LSRLoad Shifting Register
LSRLeased Space Requirements (real estate)
LSRLogistics Support Requirement/Representative
LSRLoss Severity Rate
LSRLine-Source Radiation
LSRLogistics Support Request (US DoD)
LSRLaunch Support Requirement
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Participants will learn about new silicone chemistry, novel processing and manufacturing techniques, emerging technologies, market dynamics and new business directions of LSR. Key decision makers and industry experts representing LSR suppliers, processing equipment manufacturers, molders, fabricators and end users will attend.
LSR Select was introduced publicly at the Molding 2014 Conference in January 2014 in San Diego.
Advances in engineering design, materials and computational fluid dynamics (CFD) since the last record was broken have convinced the team it now has the right set-up to break that record with Bloodhound LSR.
Target: LLC DSK-Progress (former LLC LSR Construction-Moscow)
Avnet's new TiWiConnect Wi-Fi Cloud Connectivity Reference Design exemplifies Avnet's expertise in IoT connectivity and our continued commitment to providing our customers with unparalleled technical support by leveraging the technology strengths of leading suppliers, like Microsemi and LSR, to build a portfolio of time-saving and affordable design solutions, said Tom Curran, senior technical marketing engineer, Avnet Electronics Marketing.
"The low-viscosity liquid ingredients for LSR pose a very different set of mixing and metering requirements from those of thermoplastics, and their temperatures must be maintained below the curing point until homogenized material reaches the mold cavity," says Mark Colella, global product manager for the Xaloy brand.
The advanced LSR segment currently represents around 15 per cent of that silicone production.
Trelleborg utilized an option from 2011 to <a href="">acquire the outstanding 50% of the shares in the Trelleborg Sealing Solutions LSR operation in Bulgaria in April this year.
LSR is the only wireless product development company providing turnkey M2M System Solutions with Design Services, on-site FCC / IC / CE Testing and Certification, and a broad line of RF modules and antennas.
Any type of seal, gasket, membrane, coupler, housing, button, connector, valve, or dampener could potentially benefit from the superior temperature resistance, compression set, chemical resistance, and inertness that LSR offers.
"With our controlled environment and ISO 13485 certification, we are poised to expand further into sophisticated medical device programs for LSR and two-shot components."