LSRBLaser Safety Review Board (US DoD)
LSRBLaw Society Regulation Board (UK)
LSRBLower Songkhram River Basin (Thailand)
LSRBLength of Sedimentation Reaction in Blood (clinical chemistry)
LSRBLogistics Systems Review Board
LSRBLower Sorbian (linguistics)
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But one month prior to her reenlistment ceremony, the LSRB information was released Navywide, listing Reed's choice as one of the few locations where Sailors are needed to fill billets.
Sailors reenlisting under the LSRB program, who are also eligible for rate-specific SRB, will be granted both.
Sailor A is informed that there is an open billet for his rate that offers an LSRB. Already eligible for an SRB in association with his rate, Sailor A can also apply for the billet offering the LSRB.
However, not all Sailors transferring to duty stations in those specific locations that hold open billets for an LSRB will automatically be granted the bonus.
Distribution incentives, like the recently enacted Location Selective Reenlistment Bonus (LSRB) pilot program, offer monetary bonuses to Sailors who are willing to transfer to less popular, yet career-enhancing assignments.