LSRCLong Spectrally Raised Cosine
LSRCLegal Services Research Centre
LSRCLouisiana Society for Respiratory Care
LSRCLife Science Research Center
LSRCLone Star Ruby Conference (Texas)
LSRCLake State Railway Company
LSRCLunar Surface Return Carrier
LSRCLogistics Systems Review Committee
LSRCLand Settlement Research Centre (Australia)
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Airbus aims to make the LSRC the UK MOD'S centre of excellence for advice and test, ensuring that MOD networks can accommodate new applications, hardware and services.
The LSRC, a group of 286 lesbians from Metro Manila and nearby provinces, was formed to educate communities on traffic laws, particularly for motorcycle riders, said their founder Ken Vicencio.
Similarly, when the link <lSrc-lDst> (lSrc means the node in the edge layer, and lDst in the agg layer) fails, at the lSrc node, all upward flows assigned to the failed link need to be reallocated, and new flows on the lSrc node need to avoid being allocated to the link <lSrc-lDst>.
The LSRC and UQB officials clarified their organizations have no definite stand on the pork barrel issue.
Another approach to reduce shrinkage stress is the use of the so-called "low-shrinkage" RCs (LSRCs).
of Users Sample Users included in Population the study in Percentage Gargi College (GC) 90 21.17 Institute of Home 40 09.42 Economics(IHE) Jesus & Mary 100 23.53 College(JMC) Lady Shri Ram 80 18.83 College(LSRC) Maitreyi College 115 27.05 (MC) Total 425 100.00 Table 2: Frequency of visit the library S.
By the Judge setting a whole life tariff, this meant that there was no stipulated time at which this case would come before the Life sentence Review Commission (LSRC) but that I felt, given the case law coming from Strasbourg about a government's duty to review the lawfulness of a prisoner's detention, that at some stage in the future, a Secretary of State would ask the LSRC to look at this case.
With Tony Blair warning that grants will not be making a comeback for most undergraduates, there is a need to create a 'savings culture' for education in Britain, said a report by the Learning and Skills Research Centre (LSRC).
England's Learning and Skills Research Centre (LSRC) is working to build a strong body of evidence from rigorous research that is focused on critical and innovative thinking and models and solutions for the long-term development of post-16 learning.
Stapleton, Nicholas School of the Environment, Duke University, A220 LSRC Box 90328, Durham, NC 27708 USA.