LSRGLondon Surgical Research Group (UK)
LSRGLesson Study Research Group
LSRGLeidsch Studenten Rugby Gezelschap (Dutch: Leidsch Student Rugby Society; Leiden, South Holland, Netherlands)
LSRGLanguage Science Research Group (Washington University in St. Louis; Missouri)
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LSR Group (LSRG RX, LSRG LI) reported 46% y-o-y growth of total value of contracts to R37b ($1.2b), which we see as positive as FY11 result was already a high base.
PIKK RX (PIK LI), LSRG RX (LSRG LI) PIK Group and LSR Group reported solid 9M operationals.
PIKK RX (PIK LI), LSRG RX (LSRG LI) [ETH]NN[ETH] [ETH] [ETH][degrees] [ETH][ETH][ETH] [ETH][cedilla] [ETH]NN[ETH] [ETH] [ETH][degrees] [ETH][ETH] [ETH] [ETH]3/4[ETH] N[ETH][+ or -][ETH]'[ETH][cedilla][ETH]*[ETH]3/4[ETH][sup.2][ETH][degrees][ETH]'[ETH][cedilla] N[ETH]3/4N[ETH]3/4N[ETH][cedilla][ETH][micro] [ETH][acute accent][ETH][degrees][ETH]1/2[ETH]1/2N[ETH][micro] [ETH]3/4 N[ETH]3/4NN[ETH][micro] [ETH] N[ETH]3/4[ETH][acute accent][ETH][degrees][ETH][paragraph] [ETH]*[ETH][degrees] 9 [ETH]1/4[ETH][micro]NNN[ETH][micro][ETH][sup.2] [ETH]1/2[ETH][degrees] 20% [ETH][cedilla] 41%, N[ETH]3/4[ETH]3/4N[ETH][sup.2][ETH][micro]NNN[ETH][sup.2][ETH][micro][ETH]1/2[ETH]1/2[ETH]3/4.
Earlier LSR Group (LSRG RX, LSRG LI) reported 41% y-o-y growth of 9M cash collections.
[ETH]cents[ETH][micro][ETH]1/4 [ETH][sup.2]N[ETH][micro][ETH]1/4[ETH][micro][ETH]1/2[ETH][micro][ETH]1/4 [ETH][sup.3]NN[ETH] [ETH] [ETH][degrees] [ETH][ETH] [ETH] (LSRG) [ETH] [ETH]3/4N[ETH][micro]NN[ETH]'[ETH][degrees] 3.1%, [ETH][currency][ETH][degrees]N[ETH]1/4NN[ETH][degrees][ETH]1/2[ETH][acute accent][ETH][degrees]NN (PHST) - 2.7%.
LSRG RX (LSRG LI) LSR Group showed excellent EBITDA margin of 21% in 1H 2012, up by 4pp y-o-y and 1pp higher than FY 2011 level.