LSRJLaw Students for Reproductive Justice (Oakland, CA)
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LSRJ members are intelligent, strategic and socially engaged-ideal partners in the fight for reproductive healthcare access.
According to Costa (1995), the coastal components share a unique ancestral area in which the first vicariance event split areas "i+h" from "g" (similar to our areas SMSP, LSRJ, Boc, Org, and ES), followed by a second divergence between his areas "i" (with no taxon in our study), and "h" (our SC, PR e SSP).
SC = Santa Catarina; PR = Parana; SSP = Sul de Sao Paulo; SMSP = Serra do Mar de Sao Paulo; Mnt = Serra da Mantiqueira; Boc = Serra da Bocaina; LSRJ = north coast of Sao Paulo and south of Rio de Janeiro; Org = Serra dos Orgaos; ES = Espirito Santo; SEsp = Serra do Espinhaco; BA = southern coastal Bahia.
Fortunately for the NWHN, a new LSRJ fellow joined the staff right after Labor Day.
At Hastings, Keely served as the Community Outreach Organizer and then President of LSRJ.