LSRLLinguistic Symposium on Romance Languages (annual)
LSRLLeast-Squares Regression Line
LSRLLaser Science Research Laboratory (South Korea)
LSRLLawrence Semiconductor Research Laboratory (est. 1992; Tempe, AZ)
LSRLLightwave Systems Research Laboratory (various locations)
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New Analyses on Romance Linguistics: Volume II: Phonetics, Phonology and Dialectology (Selected Papers from the 35th LSRL 35).
The primary business focus for LSRL is volume production of epitaxial wafers for demanding state-of-the-art applications.
I also wish to thank the audience of LSRL XXX, held in Gainesville, Florida in 2000, in particular Karlos Arregi, Rafael Nunez Cedeno, and Carlos Eduardo Pineros.