LSRNLearning and Skills Research Network (UK)
LSRNLight Straight-Run Naphtha
LSRNLossy Shunt Resonator Network
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In continuation of its policy to improve quality and produce more environment friendly petroleum products, ARL is planning to upgrade its PMG and High Speed Diesel (HSD) quality through a light Straight Run Naphtha (LSRN) Isomerization Complex (to produce low benzene and aromatics gasoline) and a Diesel Hydro Desulfurization Unit (DHDS) to target sulfure reduction to meet Euro-ll Standard, respectively.
This includes securing optimal clinical placements for student experiences and offering computer tutorials (e.g., LSRN 2000), clinical lab equipment (e.g., Laerdal SimMan), print and electronic media, and peer tutors to supplement student learning.
With the increase in crude processing capacity, light straight run Naphtha (LSRN) availability will also increase.