LSRSLittoral Surveillance Radar System (US DoD)
LSRSLocal Schools, Regional Support (Maine)
LSRSLand Suitability Rating System (Canada)
LSRSLATA (Los Alamos Technical Associates) Sharp Remediation Services (Oak Ridge, TN)
LSRSLaw Source Retrieving System (Taiwan)
LSRSLanguage & Speaker Recognition System
LSRSLogistics Support Requirements System
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In order to evaluate the usability of LSRS for learners, and its effect on course design for teachers, two semi-open ended questionnaires were devised.
Regarding teachers, question 1 in Table 8 evaluates whether or not LSRS can provide effective learning transfer for teaching in the Web-based learning environment.
The third question evaluates whether or not the learning sequences provided by LSRS rendered the connections between the existing knowledge and new subjects, and the fourth question evaluates whether or not the recommended learning sequences offered a macro view, similar to a learning map, during the curriculum learning process.
The next part of the analysis used the questionnaires to examine the potential of LSRS to promote learning transfer and curriculum design.
The potential for LSRS to promote learning transfer and curriculum design
The results may be explained by the assistance of LSRS.
The statistic significance on rationality aspect supports this claim that LSRS assists learners in exploring the meaning of the subject connections.
They expressed the view that that LSRS provides connections between each pair of subjects, which usually have identical elements or similar concepts.
Herein, LSRS provided them a few directions to help them choose the subjects and connect their existing knowledge from previous subjects with a new subjects or knowledge domain.
They pointed out that LSRS helped them to choose a coherent curriculum.
The usability of LSRS for experimental group learners