LSRSLittoral Surveillance Radar System (US DoD)
LSRSLocal Schools, Regional Support (Maine)
LSRSLand Suitability Rating System (Canada)
LSRSLATA (Los Alamos Technical Associates) Sharp Remediation Services (Oak Ridge, TN)
LSRSLaw Source Retrieving System (Taiwan)
LSRSLanguage & Speaker Recognition System
LSRSLogistics Support Requirements System
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"Recently, we added a brief section covering ethics as a reminder that as LSRs, we need to be continuously conscious of the logistics mission and our responsibilities to maintain the highest level of public confidence."
After post-curing, the vulcanizate has a coefficient of friction which is between 50 and 70 percent lower than that of standard LSRs of comparable hardness.
LSRs are NAVSUP FLC Yokosuka's face to the fleet as the "boots on ground" representatives at the deck plate level, ensuring ships have what they need when they need it.
Limited Service Restaurants (LSR) are defined as establishments where food is purchased at a counter.
Momentive's new self-lubricating Silopren LSR 3376/50 boasts very low volatile levels without post-curing.
"In terms of total manpower, our reserve force will provide a minimum of 1,148 days of support for fiscal year 2016, conducting logistics support representative (LSR), postal and exercise support."
Among the Chicken Wing menu type, approximately 78 percent of FSRs are independent, and approximately 45 percent of LSRs are independent.
As the devices become ever smaller, these low viscosity LSRs will be good candidates for micromolding.
Aside from leading materiel movements, the site LSO also trains Sailors to be logistics support representatives (LSRs) and ensures LSRs are qualified forklift drivers.
During this period, the Surface Mobility Section coordinated five Logistics Support Requests (LSRs) to support multiple ship loading evolutions.
Rudolf Kwan, Athenex's chief medical officer, said, "These two pivotal studies confirmed that KX2-391 ointment 1% is well tolerated and active as a field treatment of actinic keratosis of the face and the scalp, with LSRs that are mostly mild and transient.