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LSSLutheran Social Services
LSSLegal Services Society (Canada)
LSSLean Six Sigma
LSSLogistics Support System
LSSLarge Scale Structure
LSSLaw Students Society
LSSLumbar Spinal Stenosis
LSSLocal School System
LSSLife Support System
LSSLincoln Square Synagogue (New York, New York)
LSSLine Sharing Service (telecommunications, Australia)
LSSLaboratory for Student Success
LSSLaw Students' Society
LSSLifesaving Society (Canada)
LSSLife-Span Study
LSSLife Saving Service (precursor to US Coast Guard)
LSSTerre-De-Haut, Guadeloupe (Airport Code)
LSSLast Song Syndrome
LSSLeveraged Super Senior (investing)
LSSLightweight Shotgun System
LSSLocal Scrapbooking Store
LSSLife Safety System
LSSLump Sum Settlement
LSSLogistics Support Squadron
LSSLarge Sample Size
LSSLawrence Sheriff School (England)
LSSLink Status Signal (SONET)
LSSLife Support Subsystem
LSSLoop Switching System
LSSLittoral Surveillance System
LSSLicensing Support System
LSSLoan Servicing System
LSSLimited Stop Service (India busses)
LSSLightning Sensor System
LSSLaser Subsystem
LSSLoss of Sequence Synchronization
LSSLink Signaling Sublayer
LSSLaboratory Shift Superintendent
LSSLATA Switching System (Bellcore)
LSSLab Support Services
LSSLocal Switching System
LSSLogical Source Statements
LSSLaminated/Stainless Steel
LSSLiterature Search System
LSSLogistic Support Site
LSSLabrador State School (Gold Coast, Australia)
LSSLightStream Switching (Cisco)
LSSLogistics Support Summary
LSSLimited Storage Site
LSSLicensed Software System
LSSLoad Scaling Sensitivity
LSSLow Speed Switch
LSSLunar Soil Stimulant
LSSLarge SICPS Shelter
LSSLogistic Support Summary
LSSLine of Sight Sensor
LSSLarge Studio System
LSSLaunch Sequence Simulator
LSSLaunch Status Summarizer
LSSLeast Square Straight Line (regression line)
LSSLigament Suspension System
LSSLightguide Shelf Splice (AT&T)
LSSLimiting Safety Setting
LSSLEC Settlement System (telephony/communications)
LSSLocal Service Server
LSSLimited Service Scheduling
LSSLitigation Support Services (various locations)
LSSLarge Scantling and Squares (Malaysian timber industry)
LSSLAN Switch Security (book)
LSSLabour and Social Security (China)
LSSLarge Scale Survey (physics)
LSSLower Secondary School (various locations)
LSSLotus Smart Suite (software)
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Like other LSS teams, the CT essentially uses a Plan-Do-Check-Act cycle.
Johan Malmquist, CEO of Getinge, commented: "The acquisition of Siemens LSS is a unique opportunity for Getinge to integrate one more world-leading medical technology business into our most expansive area, Surgical Systems.
Good Occupancy: Due to strong management and marketing practices, LSS has been able to maintain solid occupancy across the continuum of care despite the more difficult operating environment.
Defensive accommodation and group accommodation LSS will achieve good stay spaces, parking and traffic areas with good localization in the available empty area.
For more information about LSS Life Safety Services[R], please contact Hannah Fisher, hfisher@lifesafetyservices.
RMs are carrying out their responsibilities by integrating CDFM and LSS responsibilities as the fat ES cut from the budget and the overseas contingency operations wind down.
Therefore, we reviewed the forty-two patients with LSS treated using CSE in orthopedics department of our hospital between May 2013 and January 2016, the objective of our study was to evaluate the efficacy of CSE in treating LSS, and determine the correlation between the efficacy and severity of spinal stenosis in patients with LSS.
The production market share of liquid sodium silicate in China is analyzed by LSS type.
Two ponds were selected (normal pond and LSS infected pond) among the 12 ponds in the cluster for the comparison.
Based on his age, history, and physical examination findings, the working diagnosis was LSS.