LSSILey de Servicios de la Sociedad de la Información (Spainisn)
LSSILutheran Social Services of Illinois
LSSILender Support Systems Inc.
LSSILibrary Systems and Services Inc.
LSSILeeds Social Sciences Institute (University of Leeds; Leeds, England, UK)
LSSILogistics Support Systems and Integration
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The groundbreaking tool is a visual representation of how LSSI serves clients.
We are thrilled to hear of former LSSI customers, such as KleinBank Mortgage, experiencing noticeable success with ConformX and strive to continue providing them with substantial compliance and workflow improvements for their loan documentation processes.
Amidst library budget concerns, Bay Area library consortium leaders agreed to switch vendors for QandAcafe, from state-funded LSSI to the more stable, federally funded MCLS 24/7 Reference Service Project.
This third-party organization could subsist solely by answering questions without a direct user interface (as in the LSSI example mentioned previously).
While not an event of default, pursuant to the trust indenture, LSSI has retained a consultant who is expected to recommend steps to achieve fiscal balance in the coming months.
com) is vice president, library support services, at LSSI.
We look forward to growing the ONDemand, Cloud-based services and the LSSI Big Data services, said Alex Soltani, Chairman and CEO of Skyview Capital.
Current LSSI customers will see no disruption of services and will benefit from the expanded compliance services offered by DocuTech, including a dedicated legal staff tracking all regulatory changes and monthly updates to ensure all systems are up-to-date.
The LSSI deployed the E7500 at the central hub along with the SonicWALL TZ 170 and TZ 190 devices at eleven remote sites, configuring VPNs between the devices to secure staff communications over public DSL and cable Internet connections.
Interactive virtual reference services, where a librarian and patron interact in real time, actually migrated into the library field in 1999 to 2000 through the use of commercial business customer service software called eGain that the consortium 24/7 (now part of OCLC) and LSSI (now tutor.
It featured Steve Coffman of LSSI, Caroline Punches of the new academic/public King Library in San Jose, Calif.
Founded in 1981, LSSI is the world's leading provider of library management services.