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LSSPs don't even support native PowerPoint; you'll need a tool such as the TriCaster or Wirecast to integrate any screen-based element into the video.
LSSPs also lack interactive components such as polls and quizzes, which are very useful for engaging the audience to maintain their interest or help guide the direction of the presentation.
This is another category in which LSSPs can't compete; they're simply not designed to provide user-specific viewing data.
Not surprisingly, beyond simple trimming, you won't get any of these capabilities from LSSPs. You'll also find a great diversity in the recording and output functionality provided by conferencing systems.
The site needs to be on the short list of any organizations seeking an LSSP.
In its current iteration, Livestream does a very competent job in all critical areas and should be strongly considered by any organization seeking an LSSP, whether looking for eyeballs, a strong embedded player, or both.
On the other hand, Bambuser lacks the traffic offered by Ustream,, and Livestream, making it a bad choice if you're hoping your LSSP can direct eyeballs to your videos.
Virtually all LSSPs use the Flash format and RTMP protocol.
Several LSSPs that I interviewed reported that iPhone distribution was increasing, particularly by churches and worship-based customers.
Some LSSPs can stream ancillary content such as PowerPoint slides, though it's relatively unusual in this class of product.
If you're not technically savvy, it helps to have a custom encoding tool that works with the service right out of the box and that can be easily supported by your LSSP. Some LSSPs offer this option, but most of the less-expensive services don't.