LSSSLutheran Social Services of the South
LSSSLunar: Silver Star Story (Playstation video game)
LSSSLegal Services Support Section
LSSSLimiting Safety System Settings
LSSSLarge Scale Survey System
LSSSLightweight Ship SATCOM Set
LSSSLarge Scale Sensing Surface (Les Ateliers Numeriques Inc.)
LSSSLightweight SHF SATCOM Set
LSSSLean Six Sigma Sensei (certification)
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Consequently, Congress enacted the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) Mutual Support Act (NMSA) of 1979, which simplified the process for exchanging LSSS among NATO countries and U.
forces deployed outside the United States to acquire LSSS from eligible foreign sources.
To examine the classroom behaviors of undergraduate students, the LSSS was disseminated to the students in 3 education courses.
The lowest change in conductivity values took place in the compost, followed by DST+CB, DST, LSSS, control, and peat.
In addition, it takes an LSSS access structure (M, [rho]) as input.
In order to realize efficient and secure data sharing on the resource-limited mobile clients, we enhance the model of outsourcing decryption in LSSS based CP-ABE construction by introducing "matching" algorithm before decryption and modifying the key generation.
Legal Services Staff Section (LSSS) September 21-24, 2005 Chicago, Illinois If you draft bills or work on code revision, legal research, litigation, administration and enforcement of ethics codes, and administrative rules review, become involved with LSSS.
LSSS now provides self-insurance and expects claims experience, which has equaled approximately $1 million per year in the past, to be reduced with the elimination of two nursing homes.
m] includes and the set of rows of LSSS matrix R in ciphertext CT, respectively.
Using standard techniques [12], any monotonic boolean formulas can be converted into an LSSS matrix A to represent its access structure A.
LSSS is the only national legal professional organization representing legislative legal staff.