LSSSLocal Social Security System
LSSSLogistic Support, Supplies, and Services
LSSSLutheran Social Services of the South
LSSSLunar: Silver Star Story (Playstation video game)
LSSSLegal Services Support Section
LSSSLimiting Safety System Settings
LSSSLarge Scale Survey System
LSSSLightweight Ship SATCOM Set
LSSSLightweight SHF SATCOM Set
LSSSLarge Scale Sensing Surface (Les Ateliers Numeriques Inc.)
LSSSLean Six Sigma Sensei (certification)
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MP Sethomo Lelatisitswe of Boteti East had asked the minister to state how many classes in LSSS were without classrooms and number of pupils per class.
The improved SNR of the normal and abnormal LSSs is particularly achieved at the [L.sub.j] range of 64-1024 and 512-2048, respectively, at the determined [[mu].sub.n].
For example, (1) what are the differences in performance between different LSSs in the simulation of high temperatures in the Sichuan-Chongqing area?
Beimel [18] showed that every LSSS enjoys the linear reconstruction property: Suppose that [PI] is a LSSS for the access structure A.
(50) Letter from the OIC of the LSSS West to Senior Trial Counsel Legal Services Support Team (STC LSST) Camp Pendleton, TEMPORARY REASSIGNMENT OF DIRECT SUPERVISORY RESPONSIBILITIES FOR THE LIMITED PURPOSE OF LITIGATING MOTIONS RELATED TO THE SEARCH OF CAMP PENDLETON DEFENSE COUNSEL SPACES THAT OCCURRED ON 2 MAY 2014 (May 13, 2014) (on file with the author); Mike "No Man" Navarre, Developing Story--Marine Corps Prosecutor Sacked Over Defense Office Raid, CAAFLOG, June 13, 2014, -prosecutor-sacked-over-defense-office-raid/.
An ACSA establishes a mechanism to provide LSSS between two parties in exchange for reimbursement either in cash, replacement In kind, or an equal value exchange.
According to different access structures, the research can be divided into three kinds: AND gate, Tree, and LSSS matrix.
Definition 2 (linear secret sharing scheme (LSSS)).
(59) A later Shears: Charles Lewis Brook, third Director of the BAA VSS analysis by Cannizzo & Mattei (60) in 1992 divided the outbursts into type L (long outbursts, exceeding 12 days) and S (short outbursts, less than 12 days) and showed that the most common sequence is LS (134 occurrences), LLS (69 occurrences), LSSS (14 occurrences) and LLSS (8 occurrences).
Les etablissements ont pour fonction << d'assurer la prestation de services de sante ou de services sociaux de qualite, qui soient continus, accessibles, securitaires et respectueux des droits des personnes et de leurs besoins spirituels et qui visent a reduire ou a solutionner les problemes de sante et de bien-etre et a satisfaire les besoins des groupes de la population >> (LSSS 2006).