LSSSELaw School Survey of Student Engagement (Indiana)
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These results, gathered through the LSSSE survey, describe low
and, beginning in 2012, Australia, have participated in LSSSE, yielding
LSSSE RESULTS, supra note 73; Administering LSSSE, LAW SCH.
Infra Appendix A, Question 1; LSSSE RESULTS, supra note
students who offered comments in their LSSSE responses.
Another conclusion of the LSSSE is that "[s]tudents benefit from positive, substantive interactions with other students.
30) According to the LSSSE 2006, students who had clinical or other field experience reported higher gains in several areas, including speaking and writing proficiency, higher order thinking skills and competence, and confidence in solving complex, real-world problems.
52) That method closely matches students' own assessment of how they learn in the LSSSE.
The practices that lead to the type of student learning discussed in the LSSSE, including feedback, collaborative learning, and practical application of skills, are all present in Pretrial Practice.
SURVEY OF STUDENT ENGAGEMENT, at 2 (hereinafter LSSSE 2006).
The LSSSE survey has been conducted annually since 2004 by the Indiana University at Bloomington's Center for Postsecondary Research.