LSSULake Superior State University (Michigan)
LSSULink Status Signal Unit
LSSULink Status Signal Units
LSSULegacy Sustainment Support Unit (USCG)
LSSULamoille South Supervisory Union (Vermont)
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In the digital context, it has now gone viral (a word on the LSSU list of 2011).
Following its introduction of the list in 1975, LSSU has received tens of thousands of nominations from the public, including words and phrases made popular by the media, or over-used in marketing, education, and technology.
In the short term, participation in dual enrollment was found to he a significantly positive predictor for first-semester LSSU GPA (p [Less than or equal to] .
LSSU requirements included the vehicle be capable of operating at a depth of 300 feet, use 300 VDC at less than 4A, be maneuverable using a joystick, and be neutrally buoyant for maximum stability.
Two separate power distribution systems were used to meet the LSSU and MATE power requirements.
Because Maxon motors easily adapt to a variety of controllers, the design team was able to select two different microcontroller platforms to facilitate the needs of both the LSSU and MATE specification for the final ROV design.
Students registering for the hotel/restaurant management option of the degree program will take the business and general education component at LSSU and the practical hotel and restaurant management courses at Sault College.
Graduates of Sault College's two-year hotel and restaurant diploma program will be given full credit at LSSU.
2 link ID, auto-FISU transmission and automatic processing of FISU and LSSU packets, effectively reducing the microprocessor load.
In the summer of 2005, LSSU researchers examined plant, fish, and insect communities and water and sediment chemistry in St.