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LSTLanding Ship, Tank
LSTList (File Name Extension)
LSTLocal Standard Time
LSTLiquid Storage Tank
LSTLife-Sustaining Treatment
LSTLightning Strikes Twice (gaming)
LSTLaboratory Science Technology (Rochester Institute of Technology; New York)
LSTLanding Ship Tank (World War II vessel)
LSTLutheran School of Theology (various locations)
LSTLanguage Science and Technology (various schools)
LSTLiquor Sales Tax
LSTLow Stress Training
LSTLate Stent Thrombosis (cardiology)
LSTLocal Services Tax (Pennsylvania)
LSTLife Skills Training (various organizations)
LSTLow Surface Temperature (heating solutions)
LSTLiteracy Support Teacher
LSTLitigation Support Team (various locations)
LSTListener Side Tone
LSTLocal Sidereal Time
LSTLand Surface Temperature
LSTLay School of Theology (various locations)
LSTLand Securities Trillium (UK)
LSTLicence Skill Test (aviation)
LSTLocal Solar Time
LSTLarge Space Telescope
LSTLocal Sales Tax
LSTLeit- und Sicherungstechnik (German)
LSTLarge Slow Target
LSTLife Support Technologies (Tarrytown, NY)
LSTLaser Spot Tracker
LSTLine-Series-Shunt (calibration technique)
LSTLife Support Technician
LSTLinux Support Team
LSTLaplace-Stieltjes Transform
LSTLayered Space-Time
LSTLogistics Support Team
LSTLaunceston, Tasmania, Australia - Launceston (Airport Code)
LSTLaacher See Tephra
LSTLaterally Spreading Tumor
LSTLimited Streamer Tube
LSTLogistics Simulation Tool
LSTLine Station Transfer (telephony)
LSTLateral Spinothalamic Tract
LSTLow Solvent Technology
LSTLaunch Support Team (aerospace)
LSTLightweight Satellite Terminal
LSTLarge Scale Turbulence
LSTLavatory Servicing Truck (US Air Force)
LSTLarge Signal Theory
LSTLAN(Local Area Network) Support Team (Defense Finance & Accounting Service; US DoD)
LSTLow-Speed Target
LSTLord's Spiritual & Temporal
LSTLogistics Support Tracking
LSTLibrary Support Team
LSTLaw School Transparency (Tennessee)
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where: [C.sub.m]--effective heat capacity of the building, Wh/K; for buildings with high effective heat capacity [C.sub.m] = 102 x 8 x [A.sub.f] Wh/K, with very low capacity--[C.sub.m] = 22.2 x [A.sub.f] Wh/K (LST EN ISO 13790 2008).
In order to detect a potential enhanced ability to predict the presentation of the startle stimuli during the period of maximum success found by Spottiswoode (1997a) in humans, each of the 25 subjects was tested twice, between October 29 and December 3, 2009, in the 2-hour window at 13.5 [+ or -] 1 h LST and, for comparison, between January 18 and February 10, 2010, at 18 [+ or -] 1 h LST, a time segment of very low effect size in Spottiswoode's report.
Best photograph/original art work Evansville including LST 325: Jodi Congiardo, Chester
In addition to the common advantages of remote sensing images, Landsat images, with their medium spatial resolutions and multiple spectra, provide an appropriate data source for land cover and LST studies because they are free and maximize the possible temporal monitoring period (Patino, Duque 2013).
LSTs were produced quickly during the war, and the 328-foot-long 50-foot-wide LST-325 was laid down on August 10, 1942; launched on October 27; and commissioned on February 1, 1943.
It is clearly depicted that nighttime occurrence is much higher, with an occurrence peak at 00:00 LST. This fact is more evident during the rainy seasons March-April and October-November.
report in a review of 104 cases of pediatric LST from literature that from swabs taken during surgery or during suppuration, in 46% of cases, a single bacterial organism was isolated, with beta hemolytic Streptococcus, Streptococcus pneumoniae, and Staphylococcus aureus being the most common [10].
5) easily met the criteria of a mesocyclone (Andra 1997; Lee and White 1998), with a vorticity exceeding [10.sup.-2] [s.sup.-1] at 1430 LST and ~3 km above ground level (AGL; hereafter all heights are AGL).
LST Marketing offers strategic consulting, experiential activations, live event production, sponsorship strategy, sports and entertainment platforms, communications and celebrity talent integration.
"Because the unit identification code for LST was different than USS Independence, the customer service representative told me that I did not have the authority to act on behalf of the ship.
The source rock generative potential [S.sub.1] + [S.sub.2] of the LST of sequence 1 in the Tianchi area (average TOC 2.79%) is good to very good.
Otogenic lateral sinus thrombosis (LST) is a rare but serious intracranial complication of acute or chronic otitis media.