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LST1Leucocyte Specific Transcript 1
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Patients 1 and 2 underwent stereotactic placement of bilateral depth electrodes in the hippocampi (RTD1 to RTD6 along the right hippocampus and LTD1 to LTD6 along the left hippocampus, with LTD1 adjacent to the left amygdala and RTD1 adjacent to the right amygdala),subdural strip electrodes bilaterally on the orbitofrontal cortex (electrodes LOF1 to LOF4 and ROF1 to ROF4, with LOF1 and ROF1 being most mesial and LOF4 and ROF4 most lateral), and subtemporal strips bilaterally on the temporal cortex (LST1 to LST4 and RSTI to RST4, with LST1 and RST1 being most mesial and LST4 and RST4 most lateral).
In the NTD group compared with the control group, the genes KRT24, C9orf3, KIAA0779 (TMCCl), ZNF292, LOC153222, CBEP4, TIGD2, UBPP2, AVPI1, KIAA0669 (TSC22D2), and BENE showed decreased expression and the genes SLA and LST1 showed increased expression.
The LST1 gene is expressed in leukocytes and dendritic cells.