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LST1Leucocyte Specific Transcript 1
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The frequencies of genotypes rs315952 (IL1RN), rs2256965 (LST1), and rs2256974 (LST1) varied significantly between SLO and CEU, SLO and GBR, and SLO and IBS, while the differences between GBR and IBS were not observed.
Rohwedder et al., "LST1 promotes the assembly of a molecular machinery responsible for tunneling nanotube formation," Journal of Cell Science, vol.
In the NTD group compared with the control group, the genes KRT24, C9orf3, KIAA0779 (TMCCl), ZNF292, LOC153222, CBEP4, TIGD2, UBPP2, AVPI1, KIAA0669 (TSC22D2), and BENE showed decreased expression and the genes SLA and LST1 showed increased expression.