LSTATLife Support for Trauma And Transportation
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Even though those variables gained rather smaller contribution than LSTAT or RM, the ranking should be reliable in order to make a reliable decision.
As we mentioned before, RM and LSTAT are notably the most important variable in Boston house price prediction.
Since RM and LSTAT have a major impact on prediction, the possible variance of minor variables can be omitted on graph (b).
Northrop Grumman subsidiary REMOTEC will provide the basic robots, which API will modify with software, the LSTAT litters, and more.
LSTATs can be connected to computer networks, allowing patient information to be transmitted for remote consultations.
Currently, 22 LSTATs are in operation, nine are deployed with Army combat support hospitals in Iraq.
The third-generation Lstat (Life Support for Trauma and Transport) system, model 9602, from Integrated Medical Systems (IMS) is an individualised portable intensive care systems and surgical platform providing an integrated resuscitation and stabilisation capability through an integrated suite of state-of-the-art medical devices.
The reverse distance weighted mean precipitation and the spatial indices used as local landscape variables were extracted from raster format data layers at the precise location of the station, within radii of 1, 10 and 20 km, and in the southwest sector of the circular kernel with the LSTATS software (Remm 2005; Tamm et al.