LSTFLocal Sustainable Transport Fund (UK)
LSTFLife Sciences Task Force (various schools)
LSTFLarge Scale Test Facility
LSTFLife Sciences Test Facility
LSTFLarge-Scale Sediment Transport Facility
LSTFLongshore Sediment Transport Facility
LSTFLanding Systems Test Facility
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In this study, we carried out three tests with the LSTF simulating AM measures during PWR SBO transient with loss of primary coolant under assumptions of nitrogen gas inflow and totally failed high-pressure injection system concerning the severe multiple system failures in 2015-2017.
"We all know the A1 western bypass and A19 - the LSTF will encourage behaviour change in car commuters and encourage behaviour change in parents and pupils to use sustainable modes of travel for the school run," said Mr Goodwill as he addressed dozens of cyclists and school children who had gathered to watch the unveiling of yesterday's hub.
Objectives of the Northumberland LSTF include encouraging sustainable commuting and creating a low-carbon travel culture.
Local authorities across the country have been invited to bid for funding from the LSTF, which runs until 2014-15.
Tenders are invited for Electrical renovation for new work centres of main laboratory, lstf and mg.
It is a fantastic initiative and alongside the many other LSTF projects being delivered in Merseyside, it will also help to improve access to jobs and training."
Tenders are invited for removal of garbage from csir-nml, jamshedpur including the lstf (pilot plants), magnesium plant and its premises.
Contract notice: 005079 LSTF ANPR Cameras for the City of Newcastle upon Tyne.
North Somerset Council (NSC) has been awarded funding through a 2nd tranche of the DfT~s Local Sustainable Transport Fund (LSTF) for a series of local sustainable transport projects.
Contract notice: LSTF Bus Enhancements Didcot Parkway to Harwell Oxford.
This new framework will enable the continued deployment of bus stop infrastructure following the recent successful funding applications under the Local Sustainable Transport Fund (LSTF) that include 3 keyprojects, Hampshire Sustainable Travel Towns (HSTT), Access to National Parks and Transport for SouthHampshire (TfSH).