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Lesion sterilization and Tissue Repair Therapy (LSTR) is a new biologic approach in treatment of carious lesions with or without pulpal or periapical involvement by local application of an anti-bacterial drug combination which includes metronidazole, ciprofloxacin and minocycline (3MIX).
However, LSTR model performs well if forecasting performance of the models is compared.
Failing to reject [H.sub.03] is taken as evidence in favor of a LSTR model because all the even powers of the Taylor expansion of a logistic function are null.
In the following, we start our analysis by testing whether we need to specify a nonlinear model, i.e., we test the linear model against the LSTR model with different types (i.e., K = 1 and K = 2) and a set of potential transition variables [s.sub.t].
The selection of the transition function is a key point when investigating nonlinearities, since LSTR and ESTR models describe quite different types of behavior.
The results are given as averages[+ or -]SE of 6 (LLVY, LSTR, AAF for rabbit proteasome) or 3 (LLE for rabbit proteasome and synthetic substrates for bovine proteasome) different experiments.
More precisely, they allow the cointegrating coefficient ([[theta].sub.1]) to vary with the inflation rate by estimating logistic and smooth exponential transition regression (LSTR and ESTR) models.
(13.) AmpF LSTR Profiler PlusTM PCR amplification kit user's manual.
(NASDAQ: LSTR) reported second quarter earnings per share (EPS) of $1.53, in-line with analyst expectations and $0.02 higher than the 2018 second quarter.