LSTSLaw Science Technology and Society (est. 2003)
LSTSLaboratory Sample Tracking System (Canadian Food Inspection Agency)
LSTSLicensed Seed Testing Station (UK)
LSTSLaunching Station Test Set (US Army)
LSTSLitestep Theme Selector
LSTSLovelace Scientific and Technical Services (Lovelace Respiratory Research Institute)
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They are currently studying and evaluating the land surface temperature (LST) of Quezon City, Baguio City, Cebu and Mandaue City, Iloilo City, Zamboanga City and Davao City using satellite imageries in order to assessed the effect of urban heat islands.
Therefore, it has not been extensively used for the treatment of large colorectal lesions, such as LSTs. EMR of lesions [less than or equal to]20 mm and piecemeal EMR of colorectal lesions >20 mm are the standard techniques worldwide (19-22).
The Navy also has large transport ships, such as the LST (Landing Ship Tank.)
Landsat data were applied for mapping land cover and retrieving the LSTs of the study area.
Land surface temperature (LST) is a fundamental aspect of climate and biology, affecting organisms and ecosystems from local to global scales.
Also, throughout the above discussions of roots, we discard any roots of the denominator of the above LSTs (3)-(5) in the region [Real part](s) [greater than or equal to] 0.
Other participants also provided platforms; for example, the Polish Navy deployed two Lublin-class landing ship tank (LST)/minelaying vessels, ORP Gniezno and ORP Krakow.
Brendan Hogan, logistics support team (LST) director for NAVSUP FLC San Diego.
Finally, an arithmetic mean of the VIIRS LSTs is used as the actual CrIS LST for the given pixel.
The interarrival times {[A.sub.l], l [greater than or equal to] 1} are independent and identically distributed (i.i.d.) with a general distribution function, denoted by A(t), a mean, denoted by 1/[lambda], and a Laplace Stieltjes transform (LST), denoted by [??](s).
The Navy released the LSTs a couple hundred yards offshore, worried that the steel barriers Rommel had planted in the water would rip their ships apart.
ASC has battalions, brigades, logistics readiness centers (LRCs), logistics support teams (LSTs), and brigade logistics support teams (BLSTs) located around the world and uses them to help improve equipment readiness.