LSUSLouisiana State University (Shreveport)
LSUSLouisiana State University, Shreveport (Shreveport, LA)
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lab, LSUS will be able to better educate students in industrial
Unlike LSUS, there was no philanthropic grant to underwrite program costs, so to avoid even the slightest hint of added, indirect costs, the decision was made to structure the summer program around existing courses in political science rather than to structure new classes around the program as had been partially the case in Shreveport.
In establishing the focus for its program, the Denver college emulated the LSUS model.
Like LSUS, Metropolitan State planned to use dorms at The George Washington University.
The Meeting will be held at the LSUS, One University Place, Chancellor~s Conference Room, Administration Building, 2nd Floor, Room 241.
Upon mutual agreement of the LSUS purchasing office and the contractor, the contract may be extended for two (2) additional 12-month periods.
Hashmi and Patti Rodell at Georgia Southern, Shu-hui Wu at Mississippi State and, presently, William Pederson at LSUS, ATWS has made great progress as a global professional organization.
The new Executive Headquarters are at Louisiana State University Shreveport, and Executive Director is William Pederson, Professor of Political Science and Director of the International Lincoln Center at LSUS.