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LSVLas Vegas (Amtrak station code; Las Vegas, NV)
LSVLow-Speed Vehicle
LSVLight Strike Vehicle
LSVLogistics Support Vessel
LSVLinear Sweep Voltammetry
LSVLong Saphenous Vein
LSVLoad Sensing Valve
LSVLarge-Scale Vehicle (US Navy)
LSVLong Side Vertical (construction)
LSVLanding Ship, Vehicle (WW II)
LSVLily Symptomless Virus
LSVLanguage, Sex, Violence (game/TV/movie rating)
LSVLaser Surface Velocimeter
LSVLogistical Staging Vehicle
LSVLane Stanton Vance (San Marcos, CA)
LSVLoad Side Voltage (electrical engineering)
LSVLine Status Verifier
LSVLimited Systems Vehicle (fiction, Iain M. Banks)
LSVLockshield Valve (heating systems)
LSVLos Santos Vagos (Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas)
LSVLife Support Vehicle (police)
LSVLiquid Scintillation Vial (radiological)
LSVLinear Slope Variation (Approximation)
LSVLockheed, Sunnyvale (California)
LSVLocal Sound Velocity
LSVLogistics Supply Vehicle
LSVLatinic Societas Unitas (Riverside, CA)
LSVLiquid-Solid-Vapor (fluid assessment)
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LSV is a residential six-week programme run jointly by NZDF and MSD aimed at helping turn the lives of at risk young people around and move them into employment.
They provided some of the foraging bees with their mushroom extract, and gave the others the sugar syrup, finding the dosing reduced DWV 79-fold and LSV a whopping 45,000-fold compared to the control groups.
However, their causal relationship between LSV progressing to TCA is not yet established.
(b) LSV in [O.sub.2]-saturated 0.1MKOH solution at the rotation rate of 1600 rpm with a scan rate of 10mV x [s.sup.-1]: (1) 20% Pt/C; (2) N/S/F-CNTs-2; (3) N/S-CNTs; (4) N/S/F-CNTs.
The linear sweep voltammetry (LSV) curves, corresponding Tafel slopes, and chronoamperometry I-t curves were measured on [Co.sub.x][O.sub.y]/NF and Co-Pi/CoP/NF to estimate their HER activity and long-term stability.
Regarding the pH, in the LSV package, there was significant alteration in relation to the initial time, in all periods of storage, with increase of 1.92% in the period of 90 days (Table 2).
If all of the active and reserve LSVs and LCUs could be simultaneously crewed and were available to move an ABCT, it would still take more than four turns to close, assuming an 80 percent stow factor for the boats.
Nenad AaAaAeAaanak - AaAaAeAaanak represents the League of Social Democr or the LSV party.
Respecto a la precision en la lectura (NLP, IDP, LPP, LSP y SPP) y la velocidad en la lectura (NLV, IDV, LPV, LSV y SPV) entre los alumnos del grupo control y el grupo experimental, los resultados indican que hay algunas diferencias significativas como lo muestran las tablas 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 y 11.
The patient underwent off-pump CABG using skeletonized left internal mammary artery (LIMA) to the LAD and long saphenous vein (LSV) grafts to the OM and PDA arteries.
Hemorrhages continued to progress after laser treatment; and at 47 weeks PMA (38 days post-IVR), hemorrhages covered the macula and the eye, which eventually required LSV treatment.