LSVPLand-Warfare Systems Vulnerability Program
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But one of the most important elements in the success of the LSVP was the emphasis that was placed on community involvement.
They helped to ensure that, as Prince Charles put it in 1981, the LSVP became a "remarkable work of environmental renaissance".
It is noteworthy that the LSVP made no direct connection between the area's industrial past and its future development.
Almost inevitably, therefore, destruction was the forerunner of reclamation and, in order to achieve this, the LSVP report recommended "vigorous action".
It is because of this that a project based at Swansea University is now exploring new ways in which the industrial heritage of the Lower Swansea Valley can be used to continue the process of economic and social regeneration begun by the LSVP.
Coming up next, on March 5, is a free, city-wide, copper festival which, among many other things, will be marking the 50th anniversary of the LSVP.
LSVP formed a special committee comprised solely of its independent directors ("LSVP Special Committee") to evaluate the transaction, and the LSVP Special Committee unanimously concluded that the transaction is in the best interests of LSVP and its shareholders.
provided financial advice to the LSVP Special Committee in the transaction; Venable LLP acted as legal advisor.