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LSWCLeather Steering Wheel Cover (vehicle accessory)
LSWCLead Semi-Wadcutter (bullet/ammunition)
LSWCLagos State Water Corporation (Nigeria)
LSWCLesser Slave Lake Watershed Council (Canada)
LSWCLittle Simple Wallpaper Changer (computer script)
LSWCLarge-Scale Workforce Change (UK)
LSWCLife Springs Worship Center (Lexington, SC)
LSWCLone Star Whippet Club (Texas)
LSWCLincoln Short Wave Club (UK)
LSWCLund Space Weather Center
LSWCLittle SouthWest Conference (Texas high school football)
LSWCLone Star Weimaraner Club (Texas)
LSWCLongbrake Student Wellness Center (College of Wooster; Wooster, OH)
LSWClocal supply working circle
LSWCLesser-Skilled White Collar (worker)
LSWCLost State Writers Conference (Greeneville, TN)
LSWCLeith Social Work Centre (UK)
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Buffalo Bore's 158-grain LSWC HPGC, 150-grain HC Wadcutter and 110-grain Barnes Tactical (970 fps, 1-inch) were also impressive.
It happened that the Oga (boss) of LSWC had kept us waiting, as was his wont (well, no point being an Oga unless you can keep people waiting) and for the first time I actually studied the LSWC's letterhead at the top of the letter informing us of this very meeting.
The LSWC has consistently failed to make the necessary investment over the past two decades, partly through mismanagement and partly as a result of government interference and underfunding.
ammo and, as no one produces the .38/44 round any longer, I assembled a few dozen handloads with 158-grain LSWC bullets that closely duplicated the ballistics of the original loading.
I also like the fact DoubleTap loads for the .45 Auto Rim (a hardcast 255 LSWC at 900 fps) and even has a very unique 255 hardcast LSWC for the .45 ACP at 875 fps from a 5" 1911.
ACCURACY RESULTS | RUGER SP101 NOVAK Bullet Muzzle Cartridge Weight (gr.) Velocity (fps) .38 Special Hornady FTX 90 972 Magtech HP +P 95 992 Hornady FTX 110 924 Black Hills JHP 125 824 Magtech JHP +P 125 839 Winchester Defend JHP 130 802 Winchester Train FMJ 130 797 Cor-Bon FMJ 147 769 Black Hills LWC 148 599 Black Hills LSWC 158 681 .357 Magnum Black Hills JHP 125 1,150 Hornady LeverEvolution 140 1,228 Standard Avg.
This is their 200-grain LSWC, and loaded over 5 grains of either WW231 or Bullseye, it travels in the 825 to 850 fps range.
GROUP (GR.) (FPS) (IN.) MUSTANG POCKETLITE (.380 ACP) HORNADY XTP 90 799 17.2 4 HORNADY FTX 90 831 21.1 4.5 WINCHESTER SXT 95 793 34.2 5 MAGTECH FMJ 95 865 41.1 6 BLACK HILLS JHP 90 857 27.9 5.5 GOLD CUP NATIONAL MATCH (.45 ACP) BLACK HILLS LSWC 200 838 18.8 2 REMINGTON FMJ 230 836 18.1 2.5 FIOCCHI XTP 230 869 14.7 2 HORNADY FTX 185 964 4.7 2 NEW FRONTIER (.44 SPL.) BLACK HILLS LFP 210 715 23.1 3 Accuracy results are averages of four five-shot groups at 25 yards off MTM K-zone rest.
As we packed up, MacKenzie found five rounds of his 185-grain LSWC handloads and asked if he could burn 'em.
Weight Velocity Deviation Group (gr.) (fps) (in.) Federal Guard Dog 165 933 39 3.3 Atlanta Arms &Ammo JHP 185 857 24 3.5 Black Hills LSWC 200 794 42 3.7 Winchester FMJ 230 759 33 3.6 Note: Accuracy results are averages of five five-shot groups fired from an MTM K-Zone rest at 15 yards.