LSWPLead Safe Work Practices
LSWPLocal School Wellness Policy (various states)
LSWPLCRA-SAWS Water Project (Lower Colorado River Authority-San Antonio Water System)
LSWPLake Simcoe Watershed Plan (Lake Simcoe Region Conservation Authority; Canada)
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First, it may be that LSWP holds and \[A.sub.C']([[pi].sup.o]\ = 1.
(i) If [[delta].sub.i] [less than] 1 for all i [si] N or if LSWP holds, then there exists a pure strategy no-delay stationary equilibrium.
As discussed above, if discount rates are all less than one or if LSWP holds, then E([rho], [delta], [lambda]) consists of all no-delay stationary equilibrium profiles of proposals.
If either [[delta].sub.i] [less than] 1 for all i [in] N or LSWP holds at [lambda], then E is upper hemicontinuous at ([rho], [delta], [lambda]).
We assume throughout that each [u.sub.i] is strictly quasiconcave, so LSWP holds, and, from theorem 1 (iii), every stationary equilibrium has finite support; that each [[rho].sub.i] [greater than] 0, which implies all individuals have some chance of being recognized; and that each [[delta].sub.i] = 1, which implies all individuals are perfectly patient.
(3.) Although LSWP is satisfied in divide-the-dollar environments, it does not hold for general linear [u.sub.i].
If [[delta].sub.i] [less than] 1 for all i [in] N at [theta], or if LSWP holds at [theta], then A is continuous at [theta].
(9) If LSWP holds at [theta], then either \[A.sub.C]([theta])\ = 1 or [A.sub.C]([theta]) [subseteq] [[A.sup.s].sub.C]([theta]).
so, by LSWP, there is a sequence {[x.sub.k]} in [P.sub.I](x([pi])) converging to x([pi]).