LSWRLow-Sulfur Waxy Residue (oil)
LSWRLondon & South Western Railway
LSWRLone Star Wildlife Rescue (wildlife rehabilitation; Bellville, TX)
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Caption: FIGURE 10: Relative decrease of LSWR and LSHR in different polymer concentration specimens.
[[delta].sub.sw] is defined as linear swelling ratio (LSWR) at an immersion time (%), [Z.sub.t] is the reading of indicator at the immersion time of T (mm), and [Z.sub.0] is the initial reading of indicator (mm).
Swelling and shrinkage are expressed in terms of the linear swelling ratio (LSWR) and the linear shrinkage ratio (LSHR), respectively, as previously defined.
The Hydrocracker Complex serves to process further LSWR (Low Sulfur Waxy Residue) produced by the Crude Distilling Unit (CDU) Dumai and the CDU of Sungai Pakning, to turn out more BBM products ready for use.
BBM accounts for only 37.5% of the crude oil processed with LSWR accounting for 62% and gas for the remaining 0.5%, but by processing further LSWR by the hydrcocracker plant, the BBM production of UP II could be increased to 93.34% of crude oil processed.
The refinery produces straight run naphtha (SRN) 8%; kerosene 16%; ADO (Automotive Diesel Oil) 17%; LSWR 58% and gas & losses 1%.
Indonesia cannot use most of its LSWR. It exports the residue to power plants in Japan, South Korea, Italy, etc.
Finally the two side reach a compromise after Pertamina agreed to supply LSWR and became a shareholder.
JBIC asked supply of crude oil, low sulphur wax resideu (LSWR) from Pertamina guaranteed for 6 years.
The share is n compensation for its agreement to guarantee the US$ 400 million loan with LSWR sales contract.
Pertamina will be involved by supplying feedstock such as naphtha and LSWR from its Balongan oil refinery.
Under a swap agreement, Pertamina will supply propylene, naphtha and LSWR from its Balongan oil refonery to PT TPPI.