LSWRLow-Sulfur Waxy Residue (oil)
LSWRLondon & South Western Railway
LSWRLone Star Wildlife Rescue (wildlife rehabilitation; Bellville, TX)
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The Hydrocracker Complex serves to process further LSWR (Low Sulfur Waxy Residue) produced by the Crude Distilling Unit (CDU) Dumai and the CDU of Sungai Pakning, to turn out more BBM products ready for use.
5% of the crude oil processed with LSWR accounting for 62% and gas for the remaining 0.
The refinery produces straight run naphtha (SRN) 8%; kerosene 16%; ADO (Automotive Diesel Oil) 17%; LSWR 58% and gas & losses 1%.
LSWR is sent to the Refinery of Dumai to be processed in the High Vacuum Unit (HVU) and the Hydrocracker Unit (HCU).
The decline in 2007 was recorded mainly in the exports of Decant Oil, LSWR, Green Coke, LPG, and PTA.
Residue, Naphtha, and LSWR as well as the fact that there was no import that year.
Pertamina will be involved by supplying feedstock such as naphtha and LSWR from its Balongan oil refinery.
Under a swap agreement, Pertamina will supply propylene, naphtha and LSWR from its Balongan oil refonery to PT TPPI.