LSWSLight Slow-Wave Sleep
LSWSLondon Society for Women's Suffrage (UK)
LSWSLife Skills Work Study (course; Canada)
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At the time that the reported incidents occurred, 90.5 percent of the writers were LSWs, and 9.5 percent were BSW students.
The LSW used for each employee's role and responsibilities, together with the problem identification process by departmental heads, aims at instilling ownership at the individual as well as departmental level.
Before a full mail survey was conducted, a pilot study was performed on a random sample of 50 social workers (25 LSWs and 25 LISWs) in the fall of 2005.
After removing surveys that were not usable because they lacked licensure indications, among other reasons, the surveys from 320 LSWs and 377 LISWs were analyzed, for a response rate of 28.4 percent.
Each analysis included the following independent variables, which were dichotomously coded: race (white and all other races), gender, client ever injured or killed, gun access or ownership (by respondent), licensure status (LSW and LISW), firearm safety training, and community type (urban, suburban, and rural).
Licensure level, a categorical variable was coded as follows: 1 = social work associate (SWA), 2 = licensed social worker (LSW), 3 = licensed master of social work (LMSW), 4 = licensed master of social work-advanced practitioner (LMSW-AP), and 5 = licensed master of social work-advanced clinical practitioner (LMSW-ACP) (see Note on Table 1 for a description of licensure standards).
Table 4 Logistic Regression for Variables Affecting Social Workers' Interest in Training on Texas Sexual Exploitation Law Variable [Beta] SE df Significance Gender .2181 .3104 1 .4824(NS) Type of agency Social services(a) .2365 .2519 1 .3477(NS) Outpatient facility .4815 .3724 1 .1960(NS) Non-social services agency(b) -.3784 .4185 1 .3659(NS) Inpatient facility(c) -.1832 .2446 1 .4540(NS) Licensure SWA .0876 .3489 1 .8017(NS) LSW -.0561 .2739 1 .8377(NS) LMSW -.0404 .2558 1 .8744(NS) LMSW-AP .2552 .4791 1 .5943(NS) Pass -.0171 .2760 1 .9505(NS) Training would be helpful -2.5213 .2985 1 .0001 (Sig) -2 Log likelihood [[Chi].sup.2](1,387) = 371.368, p [less than] .7073; goodness of fit [[Chi].sup.2](1,387) = 526.020, p [less than] .0001 NOTE: NS = not significant; Sig = significant.
Social workers licensed at the LSW level and social workers in outpatient facilities were the least likely to provide services to victims of sexual exploitation by psychotherapists.
Recently, LSW was introduced as a new joining process in which a circular point several mm in diameter is welded between metal plates using a laser beam.
To develop a LSW fracture model many comprehensive static experiments were conducted.
Though we didn't have a chance to handle the LSW, pictures and specs indicate that it will have a longer (25-inch) barrel, a rear pistol grip, bipod and wire shoulder rest.
In effect, the IW and LSW will eventually replace all the L1A1s, Sterling submachine guns and GPMGs now in service.