LSWTLow Speed Wind Tunnel
LSWTLake Superior Water Trail (Minnesota)
LSWTLinear Spin-Wave Theory
LSWTLifting Scheme Wavelet Transform (engineering)
LSWTLarge Scale Winged Target
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Thus, both the sign and magnitude of trends in regional wind speed may be highly uncertain, at least in comparison to the global pattern of heterogeneous, but consistently warming, LSWT (O'Reilly et al.
Satellite and airborne observations can also be used to measure some of the necessary parameters for determining evaporation, such as LSWT. Infrared-derived LSWT coverage at high horizontal resolution (e.g., see Fig.
KARI LSWT Specifications Year opened 1998 Test section type Closed jet, stationary ground Nozzle/test section area 12.0 [m.sup.2]/8.4 [m.sup.2] (total/above groundplane) Test section H x W above groundplane 2.10 x4.00 m Contraction Ratio 8.24:1 Maximum speed / speed for flow specs 120m/s/55m/s Boundary layer control Elevated ground board Boundary layer displacement thickness [delta]* = 3.48mm@X = -0.8m Static pressure gradient near model dCP/dX < 0.003/m Turbulence Intensity 0.13% Corrections Continuity Table 4.