LSYLufthansa Systems (software)
LSYLismore, New South Wales, Australia - Lismore (Airport Code)
LSYLord Sullivan Yoder (public relations; Columbus, OH)
LSYLaw Society of Yukon (Whitehorse, Yukon, Canada)
LSYLarge Scale Yielding
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The reproduction traits included PWSY, LSY, NPD, W2CL, BAL, and PWL were recorded t a maximum of 10 parities between 2006 through 2015.
Where y represented a vector of observations (PWL, BAL, W2CL, LSY, PWSY, and NPD), [beta] is a vector of fixed effects.
The heritabilities of PWL, BAL, W2CL, PWSY, LSY, and NPD were 0.09, 0.12, 0.08, 0.17, 0.13, and 0.18, respectively in Landrace.
Meanwhile, it is anticipated that CCZMs have the potential to predict high fatigue crack growth rates in Regime III under the LSY conditions.
Furthermore, it remains for the next work to extend the application of the CCZM for simulating fatigue crack growth of other alloys at LSY.
(c) Over the course of February-April 2016, the author also spoke with three members of the Islamic State-linked LSY on the subject of salaries, all of whom affirmed an identical scheme of $50 per month as a basic starting salary with an additional $50 if one has a wife and $35 for each child.
Conversely, one of the LSY members said he had not heard of a salary reduction.
(h) If that were to occur, it would boost Islamic State efforts to encircle Damascus from the southwest as well as in Dar'a governorate, where LSY forces operate.
(b) The leader of LSY has disputed that his group is a part of the Islamic State, even though most local actors believe so and much of its public image is very similar to that of the Islamic State.
(h) Although LSY's leader was recently killed by JF forces, there are increasing signs that LSY's activities and style parallel those of the Islamic State.
the value of imports of goods (M), the value added in large-scale manufacturing sector (LSY) and M + LSY, respectively.
The contract, awarded by Iraqi Telecommunications & Post Corporation (ITPC), covers the turnkey delivery of a high capacity nationwide microwave backbone based on the Alcatel 9600 LSY transmission system.