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LSZLaw Society of Zimbabwe (est. 1981)
LSZLimited Speed Zone (UK)
LSZLëtzebuerger Studenten zu Zürech (Society of Luxembourg Students in Zurich)
LSZLeast Zone Straight Line (parallel lines enclosing all points on a graph)
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The strain field of the T-peel system was divided into three zones defined as the HSZ, LSZ, and FFZ, and the peel initiation phenomenon was investigated in detail.
The LSZ's rolling lobe air springs are positioned at an angle, delivering a superior spring rate for increased stability and ride quality.
LSZ is known for workmanship, and each piece of jewellery is hand-crafted.
It seems that those saints have changed their faith many a time after their deaths to suit the new settlers" (LSZ: 24).
These units belonging on various types and stages (T5 in USA, T4 in LSZ, T3 in CSZ and LSZ) recorded weak economic profits in cultures (exclusively cereal) in CY1 (dryness) and partly in CY2 (hail) compared to those achieved on sales of feedlots livestock.
The methodology adopted in this study (Figure 3) for the generation of LSZ map in the GIS environment, involves the selection of various factors, creation of various thematic layers, assigning numerical rating to factors, blending of data in GIS environment, calculating landslide potential index, and classifying and validating landslide susceptibility map.