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LSZHLow Smoke Zero Halogen (cable)
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Use LSZH reduces chance of loss of life due to less harmful emissions and is environmentally friendly.
Although more common in Europe, LSZH materials have more recently come into widespread use in North America,' and are being incorporated within building codes.
Additionally, these new cable assemblies feature 24AWG solid conductors which allow for easy termination to IDC connectors and LSZH jackets to protect valuable equipment and lives in the event of a fire.
Among the 45[degrees] HDMI cables released today are PVC and LSZH versions with either a right or left exit.
Tool-less Category 6 connection modules as well as PCB-free and OM3 LSZH fibre cables were also installed.
A new lead-free, low smoke zero halogen (LSZH) low voltage power cable jacket compound was developed based on customer requirements.
BASF also provided two interactive presentations: "Thermoplastic polyurethane solutions for improved heat performance" and "Thermoplastic polyurethane solutions for low smoke zero halogen (LSZH) flame retardant cable applications." Technology and product highlights at BASF's TPU booth will included: Elastollan 1185A1OHFFR, a new low smoke, halogen-free flame retardant TPU for high performance wire and cable applications; and Elastollan 785A1OHPM, a new, high temperature TPU for continuous use at 150[degrees]C in automotive and wire and cable applications.
Green cabling is a contentious issue, with some companies suggesting that it refers to a product that is low smoke, zero halogen (LSZH), while others insist that 'green cabling' does not just refer to the end product, but rather the entire lifecycle of the product from the raw materials to its biodegradability and how long it can be used.
Focusing on the increase in demand for low-smoke, zero-halogen (LSZH) compounds, one of the quickest growing classes of halogen free products are the mineral flame retardants ATH (aluminiumtrihydrate) and MDH (magnesium hydroxide) which are widely used in wire and cables and building and construction applications.
In addition, it uses Andrew's HELIAX 2.0 transmission line cables, both Low Smoke Zero Halogen (LSZH) and plenum, connectors for high performance and flexibility and cable management apparatus.
The new version of Fireguard LSZH from Teknor Apex Co., Pawtucket, R.I., has been adopted ibr extrusion of coilable conduit by Arnco Corp.