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LSMLinux Software Map
LSMLiving Stream Ministry
LSMLinux Security Module
LSMLouisiana State Museum
LSMLanding Ship Medium (US Navy)
LSMLaser Scanning Microscopy
LSMLegato Storage Manager
LSMLand-Surface Model
LSMLutheran Student Movement
LSMLogical Storage Manager (Compact)
LSMLinear Synchronous Motor
LSMLocal Store Marketing
LSMLarge Scale Manufacturing
LSMLiving Standards Measure (South Africa)
LSMLocal Sales Manager
LSMLong-Stick Midfielder (lacrosse)
LSMMedium Landing Ship
LSMLive Slow Motion
LSMLaboratoire Souterrain de Modane
LSMLanthanum Strontium Manganite (oxide with electronic condcuting properties)
LSMLame Stream Media
LSMLetter Sorting Machine (Postal)
LSMLibrary Storage Module
LSMLegacy System Migration (SAP tool for accelerating the transfer of data)
LSMLong Service Medal
LSMLarge Scale Manager
LSMLeft-Stream Media
LSMLunar Surface Magnetometer
LSMLeica Screw Mount
LSMLinear Simulcast Modulation
LSMLattice Solid Model
LSMLittoral Sea Mine (US Navy)
LSMLink Status Meter
LSMLayered Synthetic Microstructure
LSMLife Style Management
LSMLewis Mills High School (Burlington, CT)
LSMLine Switch Module
LSMLinux Server Management
LSMLeast Squares Measurement
LSMLocation Services Module (Nextone)
LSMLongitudinal Section Magnetic Mode
LSMLaunch Service Manager (NASA)
LSMLayered Scope Model (for XML and Web Services)
LSMLine Spring Model
LSMLine Service Module (Pirelli)
LSMLoader Select Modification
LSMLocal System Model
LSMLinear Shift Map
LSMLakeside & Marblehead Railroad
LSMLikelihood Separation Metric
LSMLine Services Modem (Pirelli)
LSMLong, Slow Message
LSMLogistics System Manager
LSMLisburn School of Music (UK)
LSMLocal State Manager
LSMLogistic Storage Module
LSMLogistics Support Management/Manager
LSMLimited Short Messaging Protocol
LSMLethality, Survivability, Mobility (US Army)
LSMLesotho Maluti (currency)
LSMLocated Survey Marker (US NPS)
LSMLiver Stiffness Measurement
LSMLibrary Service Manager
LSMLittle Sex Machine
LSMLaboratory Safety Manual (various schools)
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3 percent for fiscal year 2018 looks quite possible, more so because ongoing CPEC-related projects and higher FDI inflows will have a positive impact on LSM, according to a State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) assessment revealed in its fiscal year 2017.
Supercapacitors have been available for well over a decade, but only quite recently, within the last few years, has development provided the load cycle and lifetime stability data to enable their wider deployment and more powerful LSM application.
When evaluating the realism of an LSM, a key element to consider is the manner in which it allows variations of soil moisture to affect the magnitudes of evaporation and runoff.
LSM could be most effective in urban areas, rural areas with high population densities or obvious breeding sites, highland regions and desert fringes.
LSM said: "Jessie's payments were cancelled once we knew she was unhappy.
The results were expressed in kilopascals and the median value of successful measurements was considered as representative of LSM.
Hence, we herein propose an adaptive two-steps procedure in which the sensing stage consists in imaging the region of interest via LSM processing, while the focusing stage is a straightforward exploitation of the LSM solution to determine the excitation coefficients needed to focus the field in the target point.
The LSM growth in May fiscal year 2011 was still a notch higher at 1.