LT2Long Term 2 (Enhanced Surface Water Treatment Rule)
LT2LaDainian Tomlinson (US football player)
LT2Live Training Transformation (Army)
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plant height, flag leaf width and length (Table 3) showed that interaction of L-TRP and Rhizobium species (Cp3, Br3 and Lt2) significantly enhanced these parameters.
The 10-year subordinated LT2 bond, callable after year five upon receipt of regulatory approvals, was issued in fixed and floating rate tranches.
20 April 2011 -- S&P today cut to CC from CCC its ratings on the lower Tier 2 (LT2) subordinated debt issued by Allied Irish Banks PLC (ISE:ALBK).
But at LT2 most analysers showed zero difference in power except the Xpress meter, which read 23 W below the criterion and the i-STAT which read 4 W above the criterion (Figure 4, Table 7).
Summary: Moody's Investors Service has today assigned a first-time rating of A2 to Raiffeisen Schweiz's subordinated debt (LT2).
Available lactate models almost exclusively fit into one of two categories: 1) the first increase in blood lactate concentrations above resting values during incremental exercise (aerobic lactate threshold, LT1) and 2) the maximal lactate steady state representing the exercise intensity above which a continuous increase in blood lactate is unavoidable (anaerobic threshold, LT2) (Meyer et al., 2005).
BLAST searches of these microbial genomes show that among the complete genomic sequences available for 9 species of Enterobacteriaceae (Escherichia coli, Salmonella typhimrium LT2, S.
Typhimurium NCTC 12416 (phage type LT2), on Mueller-Hinton medium containing serially twofold diluted antimicrobial drugs.