LTARLong-Term Agricultural Research
LTARLost Time Accident Rate
LTARLow-Temperature Antigen Retrieval (immunology)
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de ni 'di ltar chos de nag la ngo bo nyid med do / gang la ngo bo nyid med pa de ni dngos po med pa'o / dngos po med pas ni dngos po med pa dran par mi nus te / de ci'i phyir zhe na / de ni 'di ltar dran pa reed cing rjes su dran pa reed pa [ni chos rjes su dran pa'o] (Tt, Ca 225a4-5)
(42.) Jo nang Ta ra na tha, Dam pa'i chos rin po che 'phags pa'i yul du ji ltar dar ba'i tshul gsal bar dgos 'dod kun 'byung: Rgya gar chos 'byung, Arunachal Pradesh, 1974, f.93a-93b.
(12.) Bod kyi yul du chos dang chos smra ba ji ltar byung ba'i rim pa Deb ther sngon po
It was selected as the LTAR Southern Plains research site in 2012 and as a USDA Southern Plains Climate Hub in 2014, making it a key center for climate research.
(7.) The text's full name is Mon phyogs 'dzin ma 'i char zhwa ser gyi ring lugs kyi bstan pa ji ltar dar ba'i lo rgyus dga' ba'i dpal ster ma bzhugs so.
Other factors in the decision included frequent calls for the creation of an LTAR network, the current U.S.
It is only the name that changes according to gender: rdzas su rnam pa bzhi yin no // dge slong gi sdom pa dang / dge tshul gyi sdom pa dang / dge bsnyen gyi sdom pa dang / bsnyen gnas kyi sdom pa'o // de ltar nas sor thar pa'i sdom pa ni mtshan nyid so sor nges pa'i phyir rdzas nyid du rnam pa de bzhin yin te / dge slong gi sdom pa las ni dge slong ma'i sdom pa gzhan ma yin no // dge tshul gyi sdom pa las kyang dge slob [em.
Using the long-term acceptance rate (LTAR)/permeability relationship curve, a conservative rate of 1520 mm/day was chosen as previous researchers have noted that many Australian soils exhibit low permeabilities and show poor absorption.
Aidan O'Brien's colt comes to Headquarters without the benefit of a prep run -but don't let that put you off,as the Ballydoyle maestro saddled King Of Kings (1998)and Rock Of Gibra ltar (2002) for Classic success on their seasonal debuts
This led, eventually, to the development of the modern Orthodox iconostasis or screen of icons used to demarcate the a ltar from the nave.
The CPER is one of 18 sites in the Agricultural Research Service's (ARS) Long-Term Agro-Ecosystem Research (LTAR) network.