LTATVLightweight Tactical All Terrain Vehicle
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While the LTATV is V-22 transportable, it's basically a commercial system and has a relatively short lifecycle, Kittinger said.
A discussion of desirable parameters is not complete without discussing the size of the element that each LTATV should carry.
The 82nd Airborne Division should continue to expand its LTATV fleet consistent with the current ONS of equipping the GRF IBCT's three infantry task forces with enhanced mobility and providing a training package for the GRF 2 in its Intensive Training Cycle.
A second LTATV purchase consisting of 35 Polaris DAGORs (9-seat variant) should be immediately executed, leveraging their demonstrated versatility and durability, strategic mobility benefits, gun-ring option, and increased power generation for vital mission command systems.
(11) Kenneth Burgess, Virgil Barnard and Michael Bouchard, "MRZR4 LTATV Proof of Principle Final Report" (Fort Bragg: 1st Battalion 325th Airborne Infantry Regiment, 2015).
Leveraging developments carried out by a sister company, Textron Marine and Land Systems is marketing the Commando Utility Baserunner, an LTATV that is produced with two engine options, a diesel engine mostly aimed at logistic use, and a hybrid petrol/electric system for silent operations.
Textron M&LS developed the LTATV manufactured by E-Z-Go, another Textron company, into a military vehicle which for the time being seems to be the only hybrid diesel-electric vehicle of its kind.
Polaris Defense has won the Special Operations Command's LTATV bid with its two- and four-seat MRZRs.
Although no details were delivered, force protection systems are believed to have been installed on the Command's new LTATVs in the form of Sierra Nevada Corporation THOR HI AN/PLQ-9 jammers and Raytheon BBN Technologies Boomerang shooter detection systems.
We pooled our minds together, and built a vehicle based on the military platform (LTATV), but because of its size, it had some limitations."
"We bolted the tank into the bed of the original LTATV and there wasn't a lot of room left.
The basis for the LTATV was already ruggedized, but the engineering staff had to add upgraded heavy-duty skid plates.